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2003 chevrolet silverado, rear brake lights not working, high

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2003 chevrolet silverado, rear brake lights not working, high mount stop light on cab is working

all fuses and bulbs are good

multifunction turn signal switch maybe?????? - can it be tested, removal instructions


Welcome.Have you checked the junction block for the rear lights under the truck in front of the rear bumper? Do you have a test light?
Customer: replied 7 years ago.

yes I've checked the junction box and the power to the brake lights isn't making it back there


I've thought about checking either side of the turn signal switch to see if thats the dead point but dont want to rip everything apart if there is an easier way - but so far it looks like I need to pull the steering column covers to get at the signal switch


it looks like I may have to drill out the cover retaining screws - I've heard that in some cases they are secured with bolts that shear the head off when tightening



OK, the turn signal switch in not part of this system. First go to the VEH stop fuse in the left dash and test that for power with the brakes pressed. Because the top light works, this means the issue is between the rear and the left dash fuse block.
Customer: replied 7 years ago.

sorry it took so long to get back to you - was away from the computer


there is power at the left dash VEH stop fuse and the fuse itself is good


today I hooked up a trailer and the brake lights worked on the trailer


therefore I assume I need to trace the wire to the back and through the rear junction block


do you know color for the brake light wire?


I will accept your advice but just wanted to double check this stuff with you first because I dont know what will happen to the answers - i've never used this site before


thanks for your help



The brake wire is a light blue wire. I would check around the fuel tank area to start followed by the area under and around the underhood fuse block. You can reply at any time even after you accept and I will reply as soon as I am able.
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