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OBDII code P0001, Fuel pressure control circuit open

Resolved Question:

OBDII code P0001, Fuel pressure control circuit open. What's needed to correct this?
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Chevy
Expert:  BigBlock434 replied 7 years ago.

This diagnostic trouble code (DTC) monitors the crankshaft position (CKP) and the camshaft position (CMP) signals to determine if they are synchronized. If both signals are not observed by the control module within a narrow time window, the vehicle control module (VCM) will determine that an error has occurred.


In order to diagonisis this trouble code you will need a scanner that will read codes and command modules and solenoids. If you need anything else please ask?

Customer: replied 7 years ago.
We had to raplace the intake manifold gaskets and since doing this we have this code. No other work was performed, any suggestions that may correct this problem? IE: distributor timing, wiring, hoses, etc??????
Expert:  BigBlock434 replied 7 years ago.
If you replaced the intake manifold gaskets and by doing this you have to remove the distributor. Once you do this you have to perform a crankshaft variation relearn with a tech 2 or a scanner that is able to command modules and solenoids.
Expert:  BigBlock434 replied 7 years ago.
Crankshaft Position System Variation Learn
  1. Install the scan tool.
  2. Apply the vehicle parking brake.
  3. Block the drive wheels.
  4. Close the hood.
  5. Place the vehicle transmission in Park (A/T) or Neutral (M/T).
  6. Idle the engine until the coolant temperature reaches 65°C (150°F).
  7. Turn OFF all the accessories.
  8. Important: If the CKP System Variation Learn Procedure cannot be completed successfully, refer to DTC P1336 Crankshaft Position (CKP) System Variation Not Learned for additional diagnostic information.

  9. Enable the Crankshaft Position System Variation Learn Procedure with the scan tool.
  10. Important: After the ignition switch is turned to the CRANK position, the VCM must see a change in the state of brake switch (Released to Applied) to run the learn procedure. Also, the service brakes, and the parking brake, must be applied throughout the duration of the learn procedure.

  11. Apply and hold the service brakes.
  12. Important: While the learn procedure is in progress, release the throttle immediately when the engine starts to decelerate. The engine control is returned to the operator and the engine will respond to throttle position after the learn procedure is complete.

  13. Quickly raise the engine speed to 4,000 RPM.
  14. Immediately release the throttle when the engine speed decreases.
  15. Turn OFF the ignition for 15 seconds after the learn procedure is completed successfully.
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