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2001 Chevy: running lights..fuses good, under hood and by drivers door

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2001 Chevy 1500. Day time running lights not working. No power at light, all fuses good, under hood and by drivers door. E-Brake all the way up. all other lights work. Can you help?


Lets start by checking voltage at the DRL relay in the under hood electrical center.If the voltage is good ,try switching relays with another or substitute a known good one.If this checks good the next step you will need the use of a scan tool to view the data from the Body Control Module.First check to see if there are any failure codes pertaining to DRL,then view data for input sensors.I see you said the e-brake was off ,but make sure that is what the computer (BCM) is seeing also.Look at the data for the light sensor& BCM control of the DRL.Here is a description of circuit operation which may help you.


The ambient light sensor is a light sensitive transistor that varies its voltage signal to the body control module (BCM) in response to changes to the outside (ambient) light level. When the BCM receives this signal it will either turn on the daytime running lamps (DRL) or the headlight relay for auto headlamp operation. Any function or condition that turns on the headlights will cancel the daytime running lamps operation. The daytime running lamps (DRL) separate lamps independent of the headlamps. With the headlight switch in the OFF position, the DRL will either be turned ON or OFF, after an approximate 8 second delay depending on whether daylight or low light conditions are sensed. The DRL 10 A fuse in the engine wiring harness junction block supplies battery positive voltage to the daytime running lamp (DRL) relay switch contacts. The IGNE 10A fuse in the engine wiring harness junction block supplies ignition positive voltage to the DRL relay coil. When the BCM energizes the DRL relay in daylight conditions, the current flow is to both DRL lamps and to ground G100. The DRL will operate when the ignition switch is in the RUN position, the gear selector is not in the PARK position and the parking brake is released. When these conditions have been met and the ambient light sensor indicates daytime conditions, the DRL will illuminate.

The automatic lamp control (ALC) system and the DRL feature can be temporarily disabled by performing the following procedure:

Note: The ALC and DRL cannot be turned off on the Canadian vehicles.

  1. Turn the ignition to RUN.
  2. Press the DOME OVERRIDE button four times within six seconds.

A chime will sound informing you that the system is off. The system will remain disabled until the ignition is cycled off and then on or by pressing the DOME OVERRIDE button four more times within six seconds. The chime will sound again signaling that the system has been reactivated.


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Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Thank you very much. I put the truck in drive with switch on run. Lights are on. I would never had tried that as I thought they were on when the truck is on. Any way thanks.
You are very welcome,I hope you have a good evening.
Customer: replied 6 years ago.

Chevy 2001 X-Cab 4.3 Won't drive. hesitates when trying to drive. Will surge Have fixed all codes that I could. Replaced Fuel pump, fuel filter, cap, rotor, plugs, wires, egr, pvc, maf, Intake manifold, valve cover gaskets. set timing per directions. When I put timing light on engine the mark is before the engine timing mark about 20 or so degrees. engine idle is low about 400 - 500 rpms.
The last code other than P0300 was P0174 too lean on bank 2
The only problem I have found was a pin hole in the exhaust where the cat pipe is welded togeather. This leak is after the cats. I had to cover the tail pipe to find this. Why is the timeing off. Is there a rest switch for the computer or some thing?

Yhanks for any help.

Timing is not adjustable on this engine. Here is info to help you.

This should be checked & if needed ,set. A timing light is not used on this engine .This requires a scan tool.

Crankshaft Position System Variation Learn

  1. Install the scan tool.
  2. Apply the vehicle parking brake.
  3. Block the drive wheels.
  4. Close the hood.
  5. Place the vehicle transmission in Park on an automatic transmission or Neutral on a manual transmission.
  6. Idle the engine until the coolant temperature reaches 65°C (150°F).
  7. Turn OFF all of the accessories.

    Important: If the CKP System Variation Learn Procedure cannot be completed successfully, refer to DTC P1336

  8. Enable the Crankshaft Position System Variation Learn Procedure with the scan tool.

    Important: After the ignition switch is turned to the CRANK position, the VCM must see a change in the state of brake switch, released to applied, to run the learn procedure. Also, the service brakes, not the parking brake, must be held throughout the duration of the learn procedure.

  9. Apply and hold the service brakes.

    Important: While the learn procedure is in progress, release the throttle immediately when the engine starts to decelerate. The engine control is returned to the operator and the engine will respond to throttle position after the learn procedure is complete.

  10. Slowly raise the engine speed to 4,000 RPM.
  11. Immediately release the throttle when the engine speed decreases.
  12. Turn OFF the ignition for 15 seconds after the learn procedure is completed successfully.