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david, Heavy Duty Repair Mechanic
Category: Chevy
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Change glow plugs in a 2006 engine came on and stays on.

Customer Question

how do you change glow plugs in a 2006 engine came on and stays on.
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Chevy
Expert:  david replied 8 years ago.
Hi thank you for your question hope this helps.

This is a vary easy Removal and install You do not need to remove the tiers if you do not want to simply remove the splash guard from the inner wheels on both side you will see the glow plugs.


To Remove:

  1. Remove or disconnect the following:
    • Negative battery cables
    • Front wheel and tire
    • Inner splash shield from the fender well
    • Air cleaner outlet duct (do not need to if you can get to the glow plugs)
    • Electrical nuts from the glow plug(s)
    • Harness from the glow plug(s)
    • Glow plug(s)
Glow Plugs

To Install:

  1. Install or connect the following:
    • Glow plug and tighten the glow plug
      1. Torque to: 13 ft. lbs. (18 Nm)
    • Buss bar and wiring
    • Glow plug electrical nut and tighten the nut
      1. Torque to: 13 inch lbs. (1.5 Nm)
    • Air cleaner outlet duct
    • Splash shield to the fender well
    • Negative battery cables
    • Test drive the vehicle to confirm the repairs
Hope this helps
Good luck

Edited by david on 9/27/2009 at 9:36 AM EST