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i have a 97 chevy silverado 350 vortec fuel lines going into

Customer Question

i have a 97 chevy silverado 350 vortec fuel lines going into top of motor are leaking replaced o rings still leaking what do i do now
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Chevy
Expert:  Tim's Auto Repair replied 8 years ago.


you stillneed to replace the may have pinched them..make sure the old o-rings are out and there are no pieces of the old o-rings are in the hole


Fuel Meter Body Assembly Removal and Replacement


NOTE: Cover the injector sockets in order to prevent dirt and other contaminants from entering the open fuel passages.

Removing the fuel meter body assembly from the engine requires removing the top portion of the intake manifold, called the upper manifold assembly and throttle body.

An 8-digit part identification number is XXXXX a mylar label affixed to one of the fuel meter body assemblies. Refer to this number if servicing or part replacement is required.

NOTE: Do not use a cleaner which contains methyl ethyl ketone. This extremely strong solvent may damage components and is not necessary for this type of cleaning.

Use a carburetor cleaner in order to remove deposits.

Refer to the instructions provided with the cleaner.

  • Before removal, the fuel meter body assembly may be cleaned with a spray type engine cleaner, GM X-30A or the equivalent.
  • Follow the package instructions.
  • Do not soak fuel meter body assemblies in liquid cleaning solvent.


CAUTION: Refer to Battery Disconnect Caution in Cautions and Notices.


  1. Disconnect the negative battery cable.
  2. Relieve the fuel system pressure.
  3. Remove the electrical connector to the fuel meter body.



  1. Disconnect the fuel pipe feed and return fittings at the rear of the intake manifold.
  2. Remove the engine fuel pipes that attach to the fuel meter body from the chassis pipes.
  3. Remove the upper manifold assembly. IMPORTANT: When disconnecting the poppet nozzles, remember the sequence in order to ensure correct poppet nozzle placement to each cylinder.



  1. Squeeze the poppet nozzle locking tabs together while lifting the nozzle out of the casting socket.



  1. Remove the fuel meter body from the bracket by releasing the lock tabs on the bracket.


NOTE: Refer to Fastener Notice in Cautions and Notices.


  1. Install the fuel meter body retaining bracket in the intake manifold. Tighten Tighten the attaching bolts to 10.0 N.m (88 lb in) . CAUTION: Verify that the poppet nozzles are firmly seated and locked in their casting sockets in order to reduce the risk of fire and personal injury. An unlocked poppet nozzle could work loose from its socket thus resulting in a fuel leak.



  1. Push the fuel meter body into the bracket. Make sure all of the tabs are locked into place. IMPORTANT: The fuel meter body assemblies are numbered to indicate poppet nozzle order.
  2. Push the poppet nozzles into the casting sockets.
  3. Inspect the poppet nozzles in order to ensure they are firmly seated and locked in the casting sockets.



  1. Install the upper manifold assembly. Connect the upper manifold electrical connector.



  1. Install the new O-ring seal on the engine fuel feed and the return pipes. Tighten Tighten the engine fuel pipe retainer nuts to the fuel meter body to 3.0 N.m (27 lb in) .
  2. Install the fuel feed and the return hoses to the engine fuel pipes. Tighten Tighten the fuel pipe nuts to 30.0 N.m (22 lb ft) .
  3. Connect the negative battery cable.
8.1.Turn ON the ignition switch for 2 seconds .
8.2.Turn the ignition switch to the OFF position for 10 seconds .
8.3.Turn the ignition switch back to the ON position.
8.4.Check for fuel leaks.
8.5.Tighten the fuel filler cap.
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
replaced orings dealer only gave me 2 for each line do they go on the line or in the hole
Expert:  Tim's Auto Repair replied 8 years ago.


you put them on the line

please look at the pictures above


Customer: replied 8 years ago.

one o ring on each line and its still leaking


Expert:  Tim's Auto Repair replied 8 years ago.


if you have the o-rings installed correctly..the meter body may have a crack in it...but please check and double check the o-rings


Customer: replied 8 years ago.
cant see any cracks lines feel like they wont seat correctly
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
dont wont any more help i want my money back