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97 tahoe. 5.7 vortec engine 130000 miles. getting p0305 code.

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97 tahoe. 5.7 vortec engine 130000 miles. getting p0305 code. I have checked compression (all cylinders approx 200psi) replaced spark plug and wires EGR valve is good, fuel pressure is good as well. for several months been getting a little stumble when idling but barely noticeable. was out of town for two weeks, started engine runs rough and gives the p0305 code. engine stumbles at idle and during acceleration seems to smooth out under constant rpm. if the code is cleared returns almost immediately. I was getting a p0420 code intermitantly (every couple of weeks) in the past, I cleared that code approx a month before I left town and it didn't come back and still hasn't. Could it be the catalytic converter? how do you check that? what else can I check and how?
HelloCustomer this is almost always a leaking intake manifold gasket on this engine. This will cause a misfire at idle and slightly off idle which will smooth out when the engine gets to a higher rpm.
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Customer: replied 7 years ago.

would a leaking intake gasket typically cause the misfire on the same cylinder all the time?

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