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i have a dim right side headlight on my 2000 cavalier. i have

Resolved Question:

i have a dim right side headlight on my 2000 cavalier. i have regrounded the ground wire below the battery tray, replaced the relay switch in fuse box, replaced fuses, replaced the bulbs and traced wires for bad connections from the lights to the fire wall, to the fuse box and to the switch, now either i have another ground wire i am unaware of or i missed something along the way. now when i remove the fuse for the left headlight they both go out, when i remove fuse for the right headlight it stays the same. i disconected the hot wire(orange) on the right headlight and grounded it out, the light lights up almost as bright as the other, but then the headlights wont turn off. also no daytime running lights and service light is on
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Chevy
Expert:  jazzmaster replied 8 years ago.
hi, you have to check the voltage at the headlight ,does the light stay dim when in low and in high beam?..guy
Customer: replied 8 years ago.

13 volts in both, yes stays dim on both high and low

Expert:  jazzmaster replied 8 years ago.
did you try to switch the drl relay or did you replace that..
Customer: replied 8 years ago.

replaced it


Expert:  jazzmaster replied 8 years ago.
ok, does the high beam indicator work on the dash and the flash to pass?
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
high beam indicator lights up when high beams are on, the daytime running light indicator does not show up now. and there is a wrench that flickers 5 or 6 times when the car is started ant then stays lite up
Expert:  jazzmaster replied 8 years ago.
alright ,you will have to check for 12 volts from the headlight switch at both the dark blue and pink wires,with the key on and the headlight switch off there should also be 12 volts at the headlights low side wires -left/ dk blue and right/ orange if there isnt then the output from the drl relay isnt there,you then have to check for power imput at the relay(drl) two of them will be battery hots and one will be hot with the key on one will be a ground and the last one will be an imput from the bcm(body control module) this should be a ground imput for the drl relay also..check at the headlights also and see if you have the same voltages for the L & R with the headlight switch on with both the high beam and low beam circuits --dk blue and the pink wires also at the other dk blue and orange wires,the left headlight should have two dk blue and a pink wire and the right side should have a dk blue ,pink and orange,it almost looks like the voltage is crossing over in the r side headlight.let me know what the voltages read and also if the grounds are there,
Expert:  jazzmaster replied 8 years ago.

hello again, I read the diagram wrong,sorry before you check the wiring :The right hand headlamp fuse supplies battery positive voltage from the IP fuse block to the right headlamp. The left hand headlamp is fed battery positive voltage from the DRL relay. The low beam and high beam circuits are joined together and provide the Body Control Module (BCM ) with a low and high beam input. The low beam and high beam circuits continue to the headlamp switch. The headlamp switch includes the dimmer switch and the flash-to-pass switch. When the headlamp switch is placed in the headlight ON position a path to ground is provided. Depending on the position of the high/low beam (dimmer) switch, either the low or high beam circuit now have power and ground.

When the headlamp dimmer switch handle is pulled toward the driver, the flash-to-pass switch closes grounding the high beam circuit. Both high beams will remain on until the driver releases the switch handle. SO ,the headlight switch supplies the ground path to the lights and the ground should be checked at the headlights on both the pink and dk blue wires if the right headlight does not have a good ground at the dk blue(low beam) or pink wire(high beam)there is either a bad or corroded wire in the harness where the wires from both headlights join,if there is a bad ground signal out of the headlight switch at the dk blue or pink wires then the headlight switch is bad,these do have a tendency to go bad considering the higher amperage going through them.sorry about the other post but I was reading it wrong,do check for the ground outputs at the headlight switch and at the headlights.....guy

Edited by GUY V.I. on 9/21/2009 at 4:18 AM EST
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