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My rear defroster quit working...what could be the problem?

Customer Question

My rear defroster quit working...what could be the problem? 2006 Impala lt
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Chevy
Expert:  jazzmaster replied 8 years ago.
hello, and welcome ,i need to know a little more info:does the switch light go on and stay on when you press it?if it does ,,does it stay lit for a while --like how long?...guy
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Yes it dies come on for 4-5 mins maybe, stays on like it did wen it worked but when the light goes out window still covered. Is there a fuse that needs to b replaced also? Relay under hood was replaced and still no luck.

Expert:  jazzmaster replied 8 years ago.
hi,I am having trouble with my wireless at&t and I wrote you back and sent it and just at that time my internet kicked off ,I love my at&t,lol,,yes there is a fuse under the hood it is the bat 3 -40 amp fuse,if this has power through it then that power goes to the rear window grid,I suspect that the sitch is ok because it lights up and stays on, even though the switch should stay on for 15 mins,then if you push the switch again without turning off the car it will stay on for 7.5 mins.if you shut the car off it will repeat that sequence,there is a way to test this before i get into that has the car been scanned for codes it is possible for the ecm to have stored codes for the rear defogger and not put on the engine light,the codes will begin with a ...B,now at the rear window on each side will be a tab with a connector to it ,one side will be ground and the other will be 12 volts with the key on and the rear defogger switch on,take a test light and connect it between the two connectors with the switch on the test light should be lit,if it isnt then connect the one side of the light to a good ground and test the connector with the purple wire(s) with the switch on it should light,if it does then the ground side connector or wiring is bad,if the test lamp is lit when you connect it between the 2 connectors then the rear window has to be replaced ,if the ground side or the positive side does not test right then we can get further into the wiring and its related circuits ...guy p.s. the fuse is available at any auto parts store

Edited by GUY V.I. on 9/18/2009 at 1:57 AM EST
Expert:  jazzmaster replied 8 years ago.
<p>hi, did this solve your problem and answer your question....guy</p>