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2005 Chevy Astro cargo van,ABS brake light come on go off come

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2005 Chevy Astro cargo van,ABS brake light come on go off come on and stay on;From what I've read it must be a design problem with the ABS module.
A company called ModuleMaster says it can rebuild only the Kelsey Hayes 325 and not the 30 or 310!
I tried to reset it by disconnecting the neg. battery terminal,no change.
If someone can give me a viable answer,that would be great!
If not ,please credit the $15.00 back.
Thank you
Hello sir.Has the ABS system been scanned for current or history trouble codes?An intermittent malfunction of a speed sensor can cause the light to come an go.Before jumping to conclusions of a bad ABS module you should have the system scanned for sensor malfunctions.Good luck and hope this helps.
Customer: replied 8 years ago.

Does The ABS have to be scanned at the dealer,or do most shops have a scanner for that?

Well we're not a dealer but have a Tech 2 with GM factory software. But even other scan tools that are halfway descent should be able to scan the ABS system on ANY GM vehicle, if your mechanic can't scan the ABS system for codes then he's not very well equipped to deal with any problems on todays newer vehicles.So to answer your question, No you shouldn't have to go to a dealer.Thanks and please hit accept if this has been helpful.
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