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did GM MFR a 2001 chevrolet impala ss

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did GM MFR a 2001 chevrolet impala ss

Hello & Welcome,


The short answer is, no there were no SS models produced in 2001.


You can check this site, which mentions that there were no SS models produced between 1997 through 2003.


I hope this helps.


Thanks, XXXXX

Customer: replied 8 years ago.
What years did GM MFR a chevy impala ss, that are on the road or for sale to date

Hi again,


If you check the web site I referenced, it shows that the SS models of the Impala started back up again in 2004 and are made through the present year (2009).


With the issues with GM, I don't know if they will actually make a 2010 model, even if they are being mentioned in the advertising by someone (I can not find the 2010 models on the chevrolet web site).


If you want something older (1996 & older), you would have to do some shopping around in your local used market.


Thanks, XXXXX

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