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2000 Chevy Blazer: 4x4..V6..One bolt left(passenger side..wheel drive

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2000 Chevy Blazer 4x4 4.3liter V6. Almost have the transmission out. One bolt left(passenger side, one down from top) and the cooling lines, but the transfer case forXXXXXis in the way. Is it possible to take the transmission out with the transfer case attached or must I remove the transfer case. If so, at what exact point do I remove it? There are several bolted sections and with it resting on the rear welded cross member, I cant get to the last bolt out. It looks like if I take a tail section piece out behind the transfer case or the transfer case, I can lower the transmission enough to get the last bolt out and the cooling tubes from the passenger side of the transmission. However, if I must take the transfer case apart from the transmission, I cant seem to reach the top bolt on the two sections. I also don't want to mess up anything so I don't want to take a section out of the transfer case unless I'm told it's ok and which one I should remove. Thanks, XXXXX XXXXX thorough.

Hello I will help you with your question,


Yes you will have to remove the transfer case and the top bolt can be a pain. A gear wrench type tool is my weapon of choice, wobbly extensions with a swivel socket might work for you also, just work at it there is no easy solution.


This shows the transmission with the tailshaft housing installed, your will not have this housing the transfer case attaches at the same point instead




This shows the transfer case and where you seperate the two




Let me know if you have further questions about this


Thank you



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Customer: replied 8 years ago.

Thanks, I've seperated the transfer case from the transmission, I thought I had all the bolts but the top left one is left. That is the one that looks like it needs a swivel between the socket and the extension. I need to go pick one up then I need to unbolt the cooling lines from the side of the transmission and I can lower it down with my transmission jack. I'm so close. Thanks for your tip on removing the transfer case. I did one of these once before about 12 years ago but it was on a 77 Blazer and I don't remember having any question about seperating it. Maybe because its newer and looks intimidating. Anyway I'm off for the swivel socket. If you have any other advice about the cooling lines or anything else I would appreciate it. Bret

Do your self a favor and put a couple of the bottom nuts back on then remove the top one. Once you break it loose it should turn right off. The transfer case is going to try to rotate once you pull it off the trans so watch it.


The lines are straight forward, is there a question about them?


Let me know.....





Customer: replied 8 years ago.
How do you stop the flywheel to remove the torque converter bolts from the flywheel. Also there is a bolt that has a bracket around it, (one of the 4 flywheel bolts). How do you get a wrench on that one? I'm having trouble getting the transfer case out of the way so I can lower the transmission. Any help would be appreciated. I accepted your answer. Thanks again, Bret :)

For the flywheel bolts put a socket with a rachet on the harmonic balancer bolt and you can turn the crankshaft to the position required. I am not sure what you mean that there is a bracket around the bolt for the torque converter? Is this a washer that is bent?


You will have to remove the transfer case and set it on the ground then remove the transmission.


I got the accept and I thank you for that.


Let me know what bracket you are refering to



Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Ok, thanks, XXXXX XXXXX out the best way to get to the fly wheel bolts. With the starter off and the starter dust shield out of the way I can position the flywheel so they are right in the middle of the hole. There is plenty of room for a rachet and socket. However i'm not sure if there is a special way to hold the flywheel so that I can crank on the bolts. The bracket I was talking about is not a washer its some sort of key or wrench shaped metal that seems to be part of the flywheel or looks like a weird shaped weight or something. I kind of surrounds one of the flywheel bolts but now that I have access it wont be a problem. I just need to hold the flywheel still then I home free. I do need to wrestle the transfer case out of the way so I can get it out. The spline shaft coming out of the transmission is making it hard to wiggle it out but I think i'll get it eventually. Thanks, Bret :)

I am sure you will get it, let me know if you have further questions