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1998 Chevy Lumina: security light..the car wont start..lock/unlock

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I have a 1998 Chevy Lumina. The security light is on and the car won't start. This has happened before, but I can't remember how to reset it with the remote lock/unlock control... Please help!

Hello and welcome to just answer.

Does the ignition key have a small metel piece surrounded by a black plastic piece? (Sometimes called a pill or pellet)

Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Yes it does.
Ok. I suspect you are indeed having a security problem that is causing the vehicle not to start. The unfortunate thing is that it can not be "reset" by using the remote keyless entry fob. The pellet in the key is a resistor, when you insert the key into the ignition cylinder the resistor then produces the correct voltage for the security system to allow the engine to start. What commonly happens is that the wires that attach to the ignition cylinder break and then they can no longer enable the security system. But a few simple things first. If you have a second key try that. If you don't have a second key try using a piece of sandpaper or something slightly abrasive (maybe even a fingernail file) to clean the metal sides of the pellet. Don't go hog wild here, just enough to remove any dirt or corrosion. Then try the key again. And the last simple thing would be to try and move the tilt steering column while trying to start the engine, sometimes if the wire is broken this will get it to make contact again to get it to start. If you do get it to start I would recommend driving it to the repair facility before turning the engine off. If you don't then you risk it not starting and having to tow the vehicle. The most common repair is to replace the ignition cylinder due to the wires breaking.
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
There is a code, my son finally fiddled with it enough to make it restart. Thank you anyway.
Yes, the code will likely be a p1629 code. I would still advise having it repaired, or like I said you risk having a tow bill as well.
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