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how to remove harmonic balancer from 350 engine

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how to remove harmonic balancer from 350 engine
to remove the balancer is easy but only if you have the remover tool..tha balancer is pressed onto the end of the crank shaft then bolted in..if you can get a puller they sell universal steering wheel puller kits and that tool comes with the bolts nessary to after you remove the center bolt you use 3 of the bolts that come with the remover tool thread into the 3 threaded hols already that are in the balancer..then you set up the tool per the directions then it will come off using the tool
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
my husband has the tool but had problem's--- he siad the camshaft had been heli-cioled?? and he had broken the weld when trying to remove the harmonic balancer now he's mad as hell what should he do
ok which hole was helicoiled? the big center crank bolt threads that go into the crankshaft?is the crank balancer still on the engine?
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
he was so up-set he could hardly talk to me ,but i believe when he was removing the balancer from the crankshaft the helicoil came with it so i think its off now,what to do and how much damage has been done fyi.....his buddy was helping him......the reason he had to remove the balance is buddy installed the oil pan oil pump balancer ect and the my huband was putting the top end together at some point my husband(doing a little work on the engine afer work at night)anyway long story short it was the wrong oil pan...the dipstick holder was on the wrong side (buddy never said a word installed all the other parts)buddy took the money and we have'nt seem him since and after this for his own well being he should stay far away!
ok so the center of the crank shaft where the big bolt goes threw the balancer to hold the balancer on..the heli coil came out?or the threads in the crank shaft are damaged?did the helicoild just unthread right out with the bolt?
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
i'm not sure i'll have to talk to my husband...after he's had a few coffees this morning can i get back too u in a while?
no problem ...we will get it fixed up no mater what has happened you will be supprised how easy its gonna be to get that bad boy running when we get done working together..dont sweat wiht you untill its purring like a kitten.. :)
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
the helicoil unthreaded right out with the bolt?
ok it still wrapped around the bolt like a set of threads where added on? will it thread back into the crank shaft end if you try to thread it by hand?the bolt with the helicoil still on the bolt?
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
no its off the bolt he could't thread it back on as it was stretched
ok no problem at what you have to do is go down to napa..ect...any place that sells heli coils..bring the bolt with you so they can match up the size..then what we are going to do is install a new heli coil..the kit is like 30 to 40 bux and it comes with heli coils, directions,the installer tool...or if the threads look good in the crank what we can do is just get a heli coil without the whole kit and screw on the heli coil to the bolt threads and make sure they will thread into the crankshaft with the heli coil on the bolt threads..then if it will you must pout locktight on the helicoild so it will never comeout ti did for you..but i would highly recomend the whole heli coil kit follow the directions install new heli coil with lock tight on it...i mean i would do that just becasue this clown that screwed you over didnt seem too i would get the kit and go it right is so simple to do he will laugh when he does it and it works fine..
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Customer: replied 8 years ago.
thank u thank u my husbands off too the local napa he's still up-set but all is fixable maybe he'll finish the buid by himself it's to bad his friend disappointed him when he was in need of a little help...but we live and learn some friends u can do with out,thank u agian have a great
anytime..let me know how you make out..and i would love to help you 2 finish ask me anything anytime..i feel your pain i restored a 1969 vette and everyone over the years that i helped with there old cars was gonna help me do mine....PPPFFTTTTTT none 10 year old son and me put the engine in my car ..LOL..if you want ti done right do it yourself..