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94 chevy: wheel bearing..cav..the Hub out of the Knocker..ball joint

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Hi, I'm doing an wheel bearing on an 94 chevy cav, I"m having problems getting out of the Hub out of the Knocker. Do I need to put some oil on it and beat it out and do I have to take the ball joint out?


The hub and bearing are one assembly. It mounts to the steering knuckle with 3 bolts. First you remove the caliper than the rotor. If you don't have power tools like and impact gun take the axle nut off first(have someone step on the brake to stop the rotor from turning) Never hit the brake with the caliper off the rotor. You may need some penetrating oil to knock the axle loose from the hub and the hub from the steering knuckle. You can hit the axle with a punch to loosen the axle spines in the hub.If it has abs watch were the sensor is position wise and install the same place. The axle nut should be very tight(184ft lbs)

Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Do I have to take out the ball joint and do you think that the hub is seeds in the knuckle? can I put heat on the bearing?


I looked at alldata and they say disconnect the ball joint, But I don't ever remember doing that on this type setup. I usually just tak a hammer and hit the hub on the side, swinging from in to out side to side. Clean the knuckle is there is rust, will make putting the new one in easier.

Customer: replied 8 years ago.
can I use heat
Yes, be careful if you already used penetrating oil and the hub has grease in it, they will go on fire if hot enough and the fumes are toxic.
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