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2000 chevrolet impala LS: 3.8..oil light..flush..oil pump..low oil

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I have a 2000 chevrolet impala LS 3.8, The change oil light continues to come on and I have already done an engine flush also changed the oil using mobil 1 and lucus. I think my oil pump is bad cause the low oil preasure light will come on from time to time.
the change oil light must be is a program in the pcm that caculates when your engine oil need to be does this by driving distance/speed/ect..look in your owners manual and it will tell you how to do this..if not try turning the key on with the engine off and pump the gas pedal 3 times to the floor and hold it the 3rd time see if it flashes then it will shut off..if you have a later 2000 and it is displayed threw the radio then you need to do it threw the radio if its the low oil light on there is a float type sensor in the oil pan and if your oil is filled up then the sensor is no good..the sensors where prone for problems like last but not least..if it is saying low oil preasure you need to do a manual oil test with a manual oil guadge..please make sure it is definetly the LOW OIL PREASURE before you go to that extream of testing i bet you need to reset the oil light then that pesky low oil light that keeps coming on is due to the sensor itself failing..expecialy if it is filled up with oil...hope i
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