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1999 GMC Suburban. Power door locks dont work using the interior

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1999 GMC Suburban.
Power door locks don't work using the interior switches on either the Drivers or Passenger side. There is no sound whatsoever when the buttons are pushed. The remotes do work the locks just fine. I can tell that the actuators struggle at times.
Hi and thanks for your question! Make sure the cig lighter fuse is not blown. It looks like that powers the switchs.. Let me know, Ken

Cell 132: CIG LTR Fuse, Door Lock Control Module, Cargo Door Jamb Switch, G400

Object Number: 365088  Size: FS

Customer: replied 8 years ago.
OK. The fuse replacement worked. Thanks! Now the real question. What caused it? The door actuators have been struggling. Would that cause a surge in the power to create a blown fuse? If that's true, what do I need to do to the actuators? Or could it have been something else?
That fuse will not blow for the lock actuators. If some one has used the cig ports to charge some thing and they put it in at a angle it will pop that fuse. I see that a lot. Also look for a cig lighter that does not pop out. They will stick in there until the fuse pops. Ken
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
OK. That does answer my question. We have an AC converter that had a broken plug and I'm sure that must have caused it. Thanks. I really appreciate it.
Good! Let me know if you have any more questions. Please remember to click " Accepted" or I do not get compensated for helping you today. Thank You Ken
Mike, On those actuators, they get old and weak. They stop pushing/ pulling the lock rods like they should. You will need to replace them as they go out. Ken
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