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Experience:  19 years of GM Dealership experience. ASE Master with L1 and GM Master Certified in Electrical
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2008 Impala: there is an air pump problem

Resolved Question:

I have a code in my 2008 Impala stating that there is an air pump problem? Where is this and what does it mean?
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Chevy
Expert:  RussMasterTech replied 8 years ago.



Could you please let us know which engine you have?


Which code exactly is setting? Is it P0410?


Let me know.



Customer: replied 8 years ago.

The code is P0410. It is a 6cyl Impala. I don't have any other info immediately available

Expert:  RussMasterTech replied 8 years ago.

I might need to know if you have the 3.5, 3.9 engine but I'll do my best without that information for now.


The 3.5L V6 is the only V6 with an Air Pump but P0410 isn't a valid code for that engine. Could you double check your code please? It could be a P0411, P0412 or P0418.


Let me know.







Customer: replied 8 years ago.

I am having trouble finding the code. Is there a fuse for the air pump that I can check? I took the car to AutoZone and they checked the code. They then informed me that it was either a bad air pump or a blown fuse. I don't know where the fuse is. (If this is the cause). I had read that some cars were getting water in the air pump and this error would show up after the circuit became overloaded. Is this true?

Expert:  RussMasterTech replied 8 years ago.

The most common problem with most AIR systems is water intrusion.


If water were to get into the pump, yes it would blow the fuse for the pump and this would set a code.


The other thing is that the check valve or shut off solenoid may be stuck shut due to corrosion.


Depending on which code is set, it could be either or.


I'll send you the schematic. In the schematic, look at the top and see the Air Pump fuse and the Air Solenoid fuse. These are the two that you should focus on.


Without knowing the exact code, I can't do much else for you.


Object Number:(NNN) NNN-NNNN Size: FS

Customer: replied 8 years ago.
I have the code. It is definitely P0411. I checked the fuses and they seem okay.
Expert:  RussMasterTech replied 8 years ago.

Without any test equipment like a scan tool, you most likely will be unable to figure out what's going on. The P0411 code is saying that the computer is commanding on the air pump and the sensor in the solenoid is not sensing a change in pressure. You need a scanner to command the pump on and to look at the sensor data to see what is happening. If the pump runs and the sensor is seeing no pressure, you could have a bad valve assembly. If the pump doesn't run at all when commaned, it could be the relay, the pump, any of the wiring to the pump. Since the fuse isn't blown, I'd say the pump is most likely OK unless you've been in an accident and the pump has been damaged somehow.


I'm sorry I can't do much more for you but at least you've ruled out the simple stuff.


Hope I've been helpful.

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