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I have a 97 chevy silverado 1500 pickup w/auto transmission.

Customer Question

I have a 97 chevy silverado 1500 pickup w/auto transmission. I had to have an aluminum "plate" replaced that goes around the shifter inside the steering column. The truck had been hard to shift out of park, so I would pull down a little harder than usual until I guess I broke the thing. My local mechanic ordered a new piece, installed it and it seemed to work just fine. I pulled the truck off his lot and drove the truck to work and parked it. Once parked, I decided to move the truck and once again could not get it out of park. I immediately called my mechanic and told him the trouble and shut the truck off. I turned the key and started it again and this time it worked just fine. He thinks the "shift-interlock" switch is going out. It worked o.k. for a day or so and then started doing t he same thing all over again. A tow truck operator came and messed with something under the truck, which allowed me to drive again. But once again, I can't get it out of park. Please help !
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Chevy
Expert:  michael replied 8 years ago.

hello... the most likely issue is due to the adjustment of the shift interlock actuator on the right lower side of the steering column. ( the solenoid is #7 in the illustration below) the solenoid has an intermittent failure or there is a fault in the adjustment of the actuator rod.


IF your unable to get the actuator to function properly, then i'd replace it. the diagnostics of that solenoid are that, of the 2 wires going to it... 1 is a power when the brake is applied... and the other is a constant ground. if your voltages check out ok... then replacement of the solenoid is recommended.



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Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Michael: Is there any way to bypass the switch or acutator?
Expert:  michael replied 8 years ago.

you could unhook the linkage... and if necessary use a "plastic tie strap" to hold the arm the linkage connects to in place to allow operation of the shifter.


YOU MUST NOTE>>> this will allow the shifter to be operated without depressing the brake pedal if the system is disengaged in this fashion... so care should be taken after doing this.