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1997 lumina: egr valve, spark and wire..manifold..exhaust..gasket

Customer Question

After I had a tune up my 1997 lumina w/3.1L engine, registered service engine soon message.
I have had these items replaced:egr valve, spark and wire, fuel injector, the rear manifold exhaust gasket. The car runs fine except for this p0303 code.
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Chevy
Expert:  frank replied 8 years ago.

p303 is a missfire in #3 cylinder-since you adresses the ignition wires and spark plugs -verify spark output from the coil just to make sure.Since you say it runs fine(the compter is not seeing the power of #3 when its suppose to fire

Fuel mixture fault (vacuum leak or wiring problem to that injector)-ingition or a mechanical fault have to exist

Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Can't you be any more specific.
Expert:  frank replied 8 years ago.

I am not there and I am not the one that worked on it-so if I was,I would have to diagnose it and would do so in this order since you dont have a scanner-check #3 spark plug (gap and prcelein for cracks)and possible move it to a different cylinder to see if the miss follows-with the plug out do a quick compression test on the 2 cylinders as a comparision of reading-look at how the plug is burning as compared to the other as well as the gap-(make sure the plug wire is fully seated and snaped onto the plug and there is no corrosion at the coil towers)then check the coil out put at the coil tower to make sure that 1 side is not weaker then the other.No whats left is fuel.You need a scanner to see just what the fuel trim is reading to see if its lean-since the injector has been replaced and this was ongoing before the repair?That leave a wiring or vacuum leak issue and for the wiring or command signal you need a lab scope to see the signal wave pattern and vacuum leak the fuel trim will show up as lean. Make sure the wires are not crossed so your not chasing your tail-the coils are marked-1-4,6-3,2-5 odds are in the rear

Customer: replied 8 years ago.
After some research, we checked the EGR valve and the top intake manifold. We found that the common channel from the EGR valve and TO the THROTLE BODY AND INTAKE MANIFOLD was completly blocked. After cleaning this area of the blockage the service engine soon light went out and has not returned. Also the code fro misfire has not reappeared.
I resd numerous article trying diagnose the problems I was having. only ONE mentioned cleaning the area underneath the EGR valve. YOU didn't mention it and neither did the mechanic at our local chevy dealer ship. I don't feel I owe you anything. I am the one who spent hours, yes hour in research.
Expert:  frank replied 8 years ago.
For your info- a pluged egr port will set a different code and a pluged egr port NEVER will cause a miss fire.