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my low coolant level light keep coming on even thought there

Customer Question

my low coolant level light keep coming on even thought there was plenty of coolant. i replaced the guage thats connected to the radiator only to have the light start coming on again every now and then. help
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Chevy
Expert:  JOHN aka Eauto replied 8 years ago.
HiCustomer Thank you for asking your question on JustAnswer. The other Experts and I are working on your answer. By the way, it would help us to know:
-What year is your Chevy?
-What model is your Chevy?
-How many miles are on your Chevy?
-What type of engine is in your Chevy?
-What have you already tried?

Thank you again for trusting us with your problem. Please reply as soon as possible so that we can finish answering your question.
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
its a 2002 chevrolet impala . it has about 74,000 miles and i replaced the meter that is connected to the left side of the radiator as you look at it.
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
i guess the item is called the low coolant level sensor. i bought a new one and installed it. everything was fine for several days until today when an alarm and the dash light warning kept coming on every once in a while. i've checked the coolant level and there is plenty of coolant. what is going on???
Expert:  JOHN aka Eauto replied 8 years ago.
Sounds like a faulty coolant level sensor or a bad wire or electrical connector
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
the answer given by the expert wasn't helpful at all. i knew all that he said. i expected to get a better answer to my question. i don't feel i owe him anything as he didn't help me at all. is there a computer function connected to the sensor that can be checked some how?
Expert:  JOHN aka Eauto replied 8 years ago.

Coolant Level Module Replacement

Removal Procedure

  1. Remove the right diagonal brace.
  2. Remove the battery.
  3. Partially drain the cooling system.
  4. Disconnect the low coolant module electrical connector. Important: In order to unlock the low coolant module, lift one leg of the snap clip from its locked position and pull outward with a slight twisting motion.
  5. Remove the low coolant module.

Installation Procedure

  1. Lubricate the O-ring seal with coolant.
  2. Position the snap clip leg in place.
  3. Install the low coolant module.
  4. Connect the low coolant module electrical connector.
  5. Install the battery.
  6. Install the right diagonal brace.
  7. Fill the cooling system.

Instruments - Low Coolant Indicator Always ON

Bulletin No.: 04-06-02-007

Date: August 11, 2004


Low Engine Coolant Level Indicator Always On (Diagnose Low Coolant Level System Operation/Check Sensor for Oil Contamination)


2000-2002 Buick Century, Regal
2000-2001 Chevrolet Lumina
2000-2002 Chevrolet Impala, Monte Carlo
2000-2002 Pontiac Grand Prix
2000-2002 Oldsmobile Intrigue



Some customers may comment that the low engine coolant level indicator is always illuminated.


The cause of this condition may be due to engine oil contaminating the coolant. Possible sources of oil contamination are internal engine leaks, improper service procedures, or the addition of some types of anti-leak additives to the cooling system. Once in the coolant, the oil leaves deposits on the level sensor creating an insulating film. This film results in a false activation of the coolant level indicator.


Diagnose low coolant level system operation and check the sensor for oil contamination using the procedure listed below.

Important: No coolant supplements should be used in GM cooling systems, other than what is approved and recommended by GM. The use of "aftermarket" over-the-counter sealing and cooling supplements may affect the operation of the low coolant level sensor. Discoloration of the coolant recovery bottle is normal and does not necessarily indicate that coolant contamination is present. Flush cooling system only when instructed by this bulletin.


1.Verify that the coolant is at proper level in the radiator and the coolant recovery bottle. If the coolant is low, add proper amount of 50/50 water and DEX-COOL(R) mixture. If the low coolant light operates properly, diagnose the cooling system for loss of coolant as outlined in SI. DO NOT proceed further with this bulletin.


2.Remove the low coolant level sensor. Refer to Coolant Level Module Replacement in the Engine Cooling sub-section.


3.With the key on, the engine off and the coolant level sensor disconnected from the vehicle wiring harness, observe the low coolant light:


^Light is on - Chassis wiring or instrument cluster concern. Follow the appropriate diagnostic information in SI.


^Light is out - Proceed to Step 4.


4.With the key off, connect the coolant level sensor into the vehicle's wiring harness. Connect a ground wire (1) to the battery negative terminal. Using a sharp probe (3) attached to the ground wire, ground the coolant sensor probe (2) as shown in the illustration. Make sure a good contact is made. With the key on and the engine off, observe the low coolant light for at least 15 seconds.


^Light is on - Replace the low coolant sensor and re-check system operation.


^Light is out - Proceed to Step 5.


5.Using a small wire brush or emery cloth, polish the low coolant level sensor probe to remove any film or oxidation. The probe should be a bright brass color when finished. Use Brake Parts Cleaner to flush removed deposits from the low coolant sensor probe. Re-install the low coolant sensor into the vehicle and proceed to Step 6.


6.Flush the cooling system and install new DEX-COOL(R) mixture as outlined in the SI. Check the vehicle's warranty history to determine if any engine gasket had recently been changed. If there has not been a recent gasket replacement, locate and repair the source of the engine oil contamination.


Warranty Information

For vehicles repaired under warranty, use the table.


JOHN aka Eauto and 6 other Chevy Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
now this is a little different. now i have something to try to correct my problem. even if it doesn't solve the problem. thank you , now i'll accept and pay you .
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
now this is a little different. now i have something to try to correct my problem. even if it doesn't solve the problem. thank you , now i'll accept and pay you . now can you send me all of this to my e-mail address. i tried to print this page but wasn't able to.
Expert:  JOHN aka Eauto replied 8 years ago.
i sent a note to the moderators to have it emailed