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JOHN aka Eauto
JOHN aka Eauto, The Car Guy
Category: Chevy
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engine specs of a L6,4.2 liter engine in an 2002 trailblazer ltz

Customer Question

what are the engine specs of a L6,4.2 liter engine in an 2002 trailblazer ltz
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Chevy
Expert:  JOHN aka Eauto replied 8 years ago.
Engine Type In-Line-6
Displacement 4.2 L 256 cu inch
RPO (VIN Code) LL8
Spark Plug Gap Maximum 0.050 inch
Minimum 0.044 inch
Bore 3.66 inch
Stroke 4.02 inch
Compression Ratio 10: 1
Firing Order 1-5-3-6-2-4
Oil Pressure (At the sending unit) Warm - Minimum 12 psi - 1200 RPM
Cylinder Bore Diameter 3.6638-3.6644 inch
Out Of Round - Maximum 0.0005 inch
Cylinder Liner Recession - Maximum 0.0006 inch
Piston & Pin Piston Diameter - (1.4961 inch) down from top 3.6627-3.6633 inch
Piston to Bore Clearance 0.0004-0.0017 inch
Piston to Pin Clearance 0.00012-0.0005 inch
Pin Bore 0.9056-0.9058 inch
Piston Pin Diameter 0.9054-0.9055 inch
Piston Ring Top Groove to Ring Side Clearance 0 0017-0.0037 inch
Second Groove to Ring Side Clearance 0.0017-0.0037 inch
Oil Control Groove to Ring Side Clearance 0.0023-0.0085 inch
Top Ring Gap - (3.66 inch) down from top of cylinder 0 0079-0.0157 inch
Second Ring Gap - (3.66 inch) down from top of cylinder 0.0118-0.0197 inch
Oil Control Ring Gap- (3.66 inch) down from top of cylinder 0.0098-0.0299 inch
Crankshaft Main Journal Diameter 2.7567-2.7574 inch
Main Journal Taper - Maximum 0.0002 inch
Out Of Round - Maximum 0.0002 inch
Cylinder Block Main Bearing Bore Diameter 3.0760-3.0766 inch
Crankshaft Main Bearing Inside Diameter 2.7579-2.7592 inch
Main Bearing Clearance 0.0004-0.0025 inch
Crankshaft End Play 0.0044-0.0153 inch
Connecting Rod Connecting Rod Bearing Journal Diameter 2.2337-2.2342 inch
Connecting Rod Bearing Journal Out Of Round - Maximum 0.0002 inch
Connecting Rod Bearing Bore Diameter 2.3749-2.3755 inch
Connecting Rod Inside Bearing Diameter 2.2351-2.2362 inch
Connecting Rod Bearing Journal Clearance 0.0008-0.0025 inch
Connecting Rod Side Clearance 0.0019-0.0137 inch
Connecting Rod Bushing to Pin Clearance 0.0004-0.0007 inch
Connecting Rod Inside Bushing Diameter 0.9055-0.9060 inch
Camshaft Journal Diameter-All Intake and Exhaust #2 - #7 1.0612-1.0622 inch
Journal Diameter - Exhaust #1 1.1794-1.1804 inch
Camshaft Bore Diameter - All Intake and Exhaust #2 - #7 1.0638-1.0646 inch
Camshaft Bore Diameter-Exhaust #1 1.1820-1.1828 inch
Journal Clearance 0.0015-0.0033 inch
Camshaft Endplay- Intake 0.0020-0.0079 inch
Camshaft Endplay - Exhaust 0.0017-0.0084 inch
Valve System Stationary Lash Adjuster Hydraulic
Valve Seat Runout - Maximum 0.002 inch
Valve Face Runout - Maximum 0.0015 inch
Valve Stem Clearance - Intake 0.0011-0.0025 inch
Valve Stem Clearance - Exhaust 0.0015-0.0030 inch
Valve Spring Valve Springs Load (Closed) 47.5-52.5 lb @ 1.701 inch
Valve Springs Load (Open) 130-142 lb @ 1.260 inch
Oil Pump Gear Pocket Depth 0.615-0.614 inch
Gear Pocket Diameter 3.430-3.429 inch
Oil Pump Drive Gear Outer Diameter Tolerance 2.893-2.891 inch
Width 0.613-0.611 inch
Oil Pump Driven Gear Outer Diameter Tolerance 3.428-3.426 inch
Width 0.605-0.611 inch
Lobe Inner Diameter - Maximum 0.469 inch
Oil Pump Gear Valve to Bore Clearance 0.575-0.574 inch


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