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1999 Chevy: Express van..local dealer..The tire size is P245/75R16

Resolved Question:

I recently purchased four tires for my 1999 Chevy Express van 3500 from a local dealer. The tire size is P245/75R16. The name isXXXXX I went on vacation and needed a muffler repair and the muffler/ tire manager at this establishment in Missouri told me that I had purchased "car tires" and I needed a load range C tire He felt these were not right. When I returned home from my trip, I called this local dealer who stated the other person was inaccurate and these were the correct tires for a commercial van. Because the tires were so spongy on my trip, I had to increase the air pressure to 40# XXXXX keep them from being squashy. The inflation pressure recommended was 35#. The tires seemed to bounce as I drove the 2800 mile round trip to Colorado and I still have concern that this dealer sold me an unsafe tire. Do you know this tire and is it safe for driving? Thank you,Customer
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Chevy
Expert:  JOHN aka Eauto replied 8 years ago.
THey are not the correct tires for your van. They are a light duty tire made for a car or a 1500 series van , These tires ARE NOT suitable for a 1 ton van. The tires it calls for are most likely a load range E which is 10 ply rated. If the tirtes are p rated make them give you the correct tire. Inside the door jam of your van or in the owners manual it will tell you what the factory recomends.
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