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my left turn signal was blinking 2x faster than normal, i assumed

Resolved Question:

my left turn signal was blinking 2x faster than normal, i assumed the bulb was burnt out, a couple of days later my "service engine soon" light came on and my left turn signal started working normal, i went to autozone for the problrm and was told that it was either my fuel cap, a vacuum leak on my engine or my purge vaalve was bad (code PO0442). i figured i would wait til saturday to fix problem, but the "service engine soon" light went off and my blinker went back to blinking 2x faster. Can you help me?
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Chevy
Expert:  Jeremy Phipps replied 8 years ago.
If there were no codes associated with your check engine light, I might say that the two factors were related, but we'll assume that the two problems were separate and coincidental for now.

First, the turn signal blinking at double speed is always a result of a bulb circuit malfunction. This could be the bulb itself (not likely, since it's an intermittent problem) or the wiring and pigtail going to the bulb. What you need to do is to have someone inside the vehicle switch left and right blinkers, while you stand outside and compare the two sides to make sure that ALL the bulbs are working. This includes front, rear, and side marker bulbs. Also, if you have one bulb that's brighter or dimmer than its counterpart on the opposite side, you should make sure that the proper bulb is installed. An 1157 bulb looks identical to a 3157 and 4157, but they are not electrically the same.

On to the Check Engine light. As I was saying earlier, if you have a Check Engine light on, but with no codes stored in the PCM, then you likely have an electrical malfunction within the dash. The fact that the P0442 code showed up tells me that the malfunction is in the EVAP system, most likely a loose or damaged fuel cap. I'm assuming the Autozone employee cleared the code when he was done scanning it, so it can effectively be ignored unless the light comes back on.

Anyway, check your turn signal bulbs and get back to me if you need any more details or information. Have a great Easter. =)
Customer: replied 8 years ago.

I checked the bulbs and sockets on the left side and the sockets are discolored like as if heated up. should I change the sockets?

The person at Autozone told me that when I fix the problem, the "service engine soon" light should go out by itself. I did not fix the problem but it went out by itself.

Expert:  Jeremy Phipps replied 8 years ago.
It's normal to see bulb sockets get discolored from heat after several years of use, however you shouldn't change them unless you're losing an electrical connection to the bulb. You need to find out which bulb isn't working, and then find out where in the circuit the fault lies.

As far as the SES light goes, even if the light goes out by itself, the code will still be stored in memory, which may affect any attempts at diagnosis in the future. If the light stays out, then you can assume that the fuel cap just needed to be tightened, and go ahead and have the PCM cleared.
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