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2001 Chevy: Z71 4wd with a 5.3 motor..serviced..start my truck

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I have a 2001 Chevy Z71 4wd with a 5.3 motor. It has 98000 miles on it and serviced on or before needded. When leaving work today tried to start my truck and it fired ran for a second ideled down and shut off. tried this three times same proplem. On the forth time held rpm around 900 to 1000 for a minute and it stayed runing. Drove home shut off and restarted several times no problem. I have never had problem with my truck other than regular mantanance. have to drive 800 miles this weekend and dont want any problems. Do you have ane sugestions what could cause this problem?
Are you seeing any check engine lights at this point? Has this vehicle had spark plugs, spark plug wires, fuel filter recently? Were there any strange messages being displayed when this problem occured?
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
No check engine lights. Plugs have been change once. Wires are still stock. fuel filter has been changed. No messages displayed at all.
OK well you are nearing the 100,000 mile mark in which the spark plugs and wires should be changed. I would also not be afraid to replace the fuel filter also. As far as this being a trouble, yes this could be very serious and could cause you a great deal of a headache on an 800 mile weekend voyage. See this could be an indicator of a few things such as the beginning of a fuel pump failure, engine control sensor failure and so on and honestly testing for this problem would be rather difficult without the vehicle having the problem while testing it. One item that comes to mind is the fuel pressure regulator. I have seen quite a few of these trucks with faulty fuel pressure regulators operate as you have mentioned. A somewhat simple test for this would be to simply remove the plastic engine cover that states VORTEC on it and then locate the rubber vacuum line that connects to the fuel pressure regulator on the fuel rail and remove it. If there are any signs of fuel in the vacuum line, I would replace the regulator as it has a ruptured diaphragm. This would be just one of many items that could cause this type of problem. If I were in your shoes, I would perform the tune up consisting of spark plugs, spark plug wires, fuel filter, air filter, and even a bottle of gm fuel injection cleaner and then put some miles on this truck to see if the problem reappears. I would also keep an eye out for any check engine lights that could be a telltale of the exact trouble you are having. Feel free to contact me with any questions or if you would prefer a second opinion. Good luck!
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