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Dr Chevy
Dr Chevy, ASE Certified Technician
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p30: replace the rotor on the right rear..van..hub

Customer Question

I need to replace the rotor on the right rear of a p30 chev van used on a motor home any info on how to disassimble the hub would be greatly appreciated
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Chevy
Expert:  david replied 8 years ago.

Hi thank you for your question i can help.


Can you tell me the year and engine size of your P30.



Customer: replied 8 years ago.
The engine size is 454 the truck is a 1990. ti was used in the production of a 1991 fleetwood motor home and the rear wheels are dual.
Expert:  Dr Chevy replied 8 years ago.


Not sure why David opted out, but I will try to help you.

It is not a fun job ,but here goes;

Jack up and support RV with proper jack stands. Do not trust the leveling jacks!

Remove the rear Duals and set aside.

Remove the bolts holding the axles, remove axles.
Get a big socket for removing nuts holding hub assembly, Somewhere around 3 inch.
Have rig tilted up on side you are working on so you don't lose all of your rear end fluid.

Be sure to fill the rear end to proper level after repair is completed.
Don't break your back lifting them off! Not a good job for many back yard operations!!

Please be careful and let me know if I can give any more assistence.

Thanks and good luck, Steven

Customer: replied 8 years ago.
I am sorry but that will not work there are no visible bolts to rempove the axle. when you remove the cover from the end of the axle there is a ridbe across the end and a threaded hole in the center there are no bolts the center over the end of the axle has gears that fit into the out side hub. It appears that the defferental cover will have ato be removed and the axle pulled with a gear puller. I am familure with the bolted in axles that you mentioned but this is definantly not one of them but ;thanks anyway.
Expert:  Dr Chevy replied 8 years ago.


Sorry it is taking so long, but I have been trying to locate procedure and diagrams to help you with this matter. I can recall from memory, but would like to be sure as well as give you some tangible literature.


Thanks for your patience, Steven

Customer: replied 8 years ago.
it would be appreciated but I have a feeling I am going to go ahead and use the slightly rough rotor and leave well enough alone. I am sorry if you have spent much time on this but so far I have leaned nothing.
Expert:  Dr Chevy replied 8 years ago.

It seems to me the axle shaft was held in by retaining clips or large stop nuts.

Don't you see anything inside that area behind the cover? The nuts are very thin.

It has been a while and I wanted to give you something you could see that would help you. Those rotor are quite expensive and not sure many shops can turn them.

Good luck to you sir.

Take care and happy RV'ing, Steven

Expert:  Dr Chevy replied 8 years ago.

Here is a nice manual with everything you would ever want to know about the P-30 chassis execpt how to remove rotor unless I missed it.

I have not given up yet!!



Customer: replied 8 years ago.
I am not communicating very well. there is no nut of any type on the end off the axle I have explained what is on the end of the axle it is a cap with gear coge fitted into the outer hub that holds the tire on the axle has to be pulled out to disengage these gear lugs. which the only this can be done that I see is from the deferental housing.
I am also certified but not in chev trucks. I appreciate you may have
spent time on this but you have provided no information toward solving my problem or answering my question. THANKS ANYWAY.
Expert:  Dr Chevy replied 8 years ago.

Hello sir,

I have opted out of your question to allow other experts to give it a shot.

Sorry I was not able to help you.