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99 Tahoe: bench..back seat..cloth pull handle..latch

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99 Tahoe Split bench back seat. cloth pull handle has broken or come lose from latch. How do I get to it to get seat up so I can lower back ?.
The cable that runs the latch has broken-its not a easy job when you dont know whats under the seat-the trim or cover under the seat hads to be removed from under the seat so you can see what you are doing.I found it easier to locate the black release cable and cut it-then cut it back to expose the center steel cord then pull on that with a pair of pliers to be able to release the latch and flip the seat and work on it once its up.
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
I had alreadey found the black cord it is looped with a tie in the middle holding it to the spring. is this what you are talking about?. is it neccessary to cut or could I just pull on one side or the other not sure I can get pliers to it because of the metal shield
The relesase cable is tied to the seat support grid-the last one i did i cut that cable the outside(its black on loops from the back to the front of the seat them back again.) will cut but not the inside side its a cable-then pull on the inner cable.Its that or fight the seat and floor and pulling the seat cover up to get to the inner latch to release it or remove it from the pull handle release and pull it there.Save a lot of effort cutting it.
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
It is getting too dark so will work on it monday. Not sure cable identicle to one your describe. I have made some cuts in the black cover trying to strip it away from the metal cable,it does not appear to be seperate from the metal inside, it is more like a heavy tape I do not believe the cable will move inside of it. I have pulled on the cable from both sides of the loop and it does not move. this just does not appear to be a cable inside a cable and I do not see how cutting it in half would make a difference so just trying to get to the bare metal. Also do not understand your statement "will cut but not the inside its a cable".
The outer housing-from the inner cable.Think of it as a choke cable but the inner cable is stranded wire,
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Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Ya I guess I am getting too old. I realized that after I sent my reply. Will take care of Mon.

Dont feel bad-I think the same thing when I do them-that why I cut the cable instead of trying to get the seat cushion out with the seat down.

Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Just wanted to let you know that the cable would not unlatch. When I knew what I was looking for I looked through the hole the seat belts come up from. What do you know, there was the end of the cable. I pushed down with a screw driver and unlatched. I then saw that the end of the cable had slipped off the latch.

Inspect that end of the cable-its brake right there.