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2003 chevy: 4wd button red neutral light lit after 2wd orange..flashed

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2003 chevy 4wd avalanche   pressed 4wd button red neutral light lit after 2wd orange flashed a few times now will not go into any drive position what can i do to get into gear
Hello, you can try disconnecting the battery for a minute to see if it will reset the module. if the system is completely inop and wont reset, you willhave to remove the encoder motor ( which is what moves the lever in the transfer case ) and move it by hand to engage the gears so you can take to repair shop to have system diagnosed with a scan tool. it will be needed to check inputs to determine what happened. if you have access to a good quaility scanner I can help you run the diag chart tests
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
ok if the removal of the motor is done then what method should i need to put into gear ect. press ,pull ,screw? and how will i know it is in gear?
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
ok last avenue of bussiness what is normal charge for this type of repair in private shop just to have a guidline for the repair bill been screwed enough with 4wd people by the way thanks for the quick reply you are so far on target and have my attention
A pair of medium size pliers or channel locks will turn the shaft that sticks out of the transfer case. it isnt hard to turn ( unless the internal gears in the transfer case is damaged, which isnt very likely ) these commonly have encoder motor problems. you can feel it as you turn to the different positions with the channel locks. if it is stuck in nuetral, I think 2wheel drive is 1 detente clockwise. there are only 4 positions, nuetral, 2wd, 4wd, 4wd lo. you will be able to feel when it engages into the detente
let me get some prices. be right back
if the problem is confirmed to be the encoder motor. the labor is 1 hour flat rate and the part price is around 700 dollars.
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