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stin1974, Transmission Tech
Category: Chevy
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Obd test show Failed transmission range sensor how difficult

Resolved Question:

Obd test show Failed transmission range sensor how difficult would that be to change on 2003 chevy silverado
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Chevy
Expert:  stin1974 replied 8 years ago.
what size truck? 1500 2500? 2 orXXXXX engine?
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
2500HD 4wd
Expert:  stin1974 replied 8 years ago.
6.0 , 6.6 or 8.1 liter?
Expert:  stin1974 replied 8 years ago.
Also what code number came from the scan?
Expert:  stin1974 replied 8 years ago.

Park/Neutral Position Switch Replacement

  • Tools Required
  • J 41364-A Park Neutral Switch Aligner

Removal Procedure

  1. Apply the park brake.
  2. Shift the transmission into neutral.
  3. If equipped with 4-wheel drive (4WD), remove the front propeller shaft.
  4. Raise and suitably support the vehicle.
  5. Disconnect the Park/Neutral Position (PNP) switch electrical connectors (2).

  1. Remove the manual shaft lever nut.
  2. Remove the transmission control lever from the manual shaft.
  3. Remove the PNP switch bolts.
  4. Remove the PNP switch from the manual shaft. If the PNP switch did not slide off the manual shaft, file the outer edge of the manual shaft in order to remove any burrs.

Installation Procedure

  1. Install the PNP switch to the transmission manual shaft by aligning the switch hub flats with the manual shaft flats.
  2. Slide the PNP switch onto the transmission manual shaft until the switch mounting bracket contacts the mounting bosses on the transmission. Important: If a NEW PNP switch is being installed, the switch will come with a positive assurance bracket. The positive assurance bracket aligns the new switch in its proper position for installation and the use of the park neutral switch aligner will not be necessary.
  3. install the PNP switch bolts finger tight.

  1. Install J41364-A onto the PNP switch. Ensure that the two slots on the switch where the manual shaft is inserted are lined up with the lower two tabs on the tool. Notice: Refer to Fastener Notice in Service Precautions.
  2. Rotate the tool until the upper locator pin on the tool is lined up with the slot on the top of the switch.
    • Tighten the bolts to 25 Nm (18 ft. lbs.) .
  1. Remove the J 41364-A from the switch. If installing a new switch, remove the positive assurance bracket at this time.

  1. Install the transmission control lever to the manual shaft with the nut.
    • Tighten the nut to 25 Nm (18 ft. lbs.) .

  1. Connect the PNP switch electrical connectors (2).
  2. If equipped with 4WD, install the front propeller shaft.
  3. Lower the vehicle.
  4. Check the switch for proper operation. The engine must start in the park (P) or neutral (N) positions only. If proper operation of the switch can not be obtained, replace the switch.
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
And the park/neutral position switch is the same as the transmission range sensor?
Expert:  stin1974 replied 8 years ago.

Yes it tells what gear or range the transmission is in. Usually called the prndl switch.

Expert:  stin1974 replied 8 years ago.
You must hit accept for me to get credit if you feel this was helpful. Thanks
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