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how to drop oil pan on 1995 Chevy Suburban. Help please

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how to drop oil pan on 1995 Chevy Suburban. Help please
What size? 1500? 2500? 4x4? and what motor?
Customer: replied 8 years ago.

Suburban is a 1995 K1500 4x4 automatic v-8 5.7L Was this the information you need?



Customer: replied 8 years ago.
What additional information do you require?

NOTE: A one piece type oil pan gasket is used on these engines.




  1. Disconnect battery ground cable.
  2. Disconnect the oil level indicator.
  3. Raise and support vehicle and drain the crankcase.
  4. Remove front shield and front skid plate.
  5. Remove the transmission oil cooler line from the bracket (automatic transmission only).
  6. Disconnect the front propeller shaft at the front axle.
  7. Remove two right side bolts and nuts and one left upper bolt and nut to remove the front axle from mounting brackets. It may be necessary to rotate the front drive axle forward and turn the front wheels to the left to remove the axle.
  8. Disconnect strut rods at inspection cover,if equipped.
  9. Remove exhaust crossover pipe.
  10. Remove flywheel/torque converter inspection cover.
  11. Remove the oil filter and adapter.

NOTE: On 1994-5 vehicles, it is necessary to loosen the transmission mounting bolts at the crossmember and raise the transmission enough to allow the oil pan to be removed.

  1. Remove oil pan attaching bolts, nuts and reinforcements.
  2. Remove oil pan and gasket.



  1. Reverse procedure to install, noting the following:
    1. Apply sealant to front cover block joint and to the rear crankshaft seal to block joint. Apply sealant approximately 1 inch in both directions from each of the four corners.
    2. Tighten oil pan attaching bolts and oil pan nuts in corners to the following specifications: 1994-5 Models, oil pan bolts 11Nm (100 lb. in.) and oil pan nuts 22Nm (16 lb. ft.) . 1996 Models, all oil pan bolts and nuts 25Nm (18 lb. ft.) .
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  • Raise vehicle on hoist.
  • Skid plate (if applicable).
  • Reference mark the relationship of the propeller shaft to the front axle and the transfer case.

IMPORTANT: It is essential that the positions of all driveline components relative to the propeller shaft and axles be observed and accurately reference marked prior to disassembly. These components include the propeller shafts, drive axles, pinion flanges, output shafts, etc. All components must be reassembled in the exact relationship to each other as they were when removed. In addition, published specifications and torque values, as well as any measurements made prior to disassembly, must be followed.

  1. Bolts and retainers from front axle.
  2. Bolts and retainers from transfer case. IMPORTANT: Do not pound on to disconnect.
  3. Propeller shaft.
    • Compress the propeller shaft forward, enough to disengage, then move the propeller shaft rearward.
    • Avoid dropping cap assemblies from the yoke ends.


  • All parts with an approved solvent.


  • Splines for damage, wear, burrs, and twisting.
  • Universal joint bearings for wear.
  • Propeller shaft for any evidence of damage.


  • Extend the propeller shaft to its full length, then compress it about half its stroke.
  1. Propeller shaft to front axle.
    • Line up the reference marks made previously.
  1. Retainers and bolts. TIGHTEN
    • Retainer bolts to 20 Nm (15 lb.ft).
  1. Propeller shaft to transfer case.
    • Line up the reference marks made previously.
    • Adjust the propeller shaft length.
  1. Retainers and bolts. TIGHTEN
    • Retainer bolts to 20 Nm (15 lb.ft).
  1. Skid plate (if applicable).

Apply chassis lubricant at the slip spline grease fitting until the grease begins to leave through the vent hole. If the slip spline is dry or corroded, it may be necessary to disconnect the propeller shaft from the vehicle, remove the slip yoke, and wire brush the affected area. Wipe clean before installation.