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The back hatch door on my 03 chevy blazer wont open. All I

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The back hatch door on my 03 chevy blazer won't open. All I have is the key fob button opener, and although the manual says there is a way to open the back manually with a botton located on the dash below the steering column, My chevy doesn't have that said button. Can't even locate a way to open on the inside of the door itself. It was working fine, now when I push the button, it sounds like it's trying to open but won't. Please help. Mechanic here said it would be $300 just to look at it.
Hello and welcome to just answer.

Hi my name is XXXXX XXXXX I will try to help you. However this will not be easy and we/I may not be able open this door from a distance.
First thing is to identify the system you have and what patr doesn't open.
Is it a tail gate that opens upwards with a glass that opens separate,

Object Number: 300372  Size: SH

or it is an endgat with a glass that opens upwards and a tail gate that folds down once the glass is open.
Object Number: 756  Size: SH

Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Hi! The glass raises upwards and the door folds down. LOL It has been so long since I last was able to open it (October) I had to remember. thanks
Hello again, far as I know the only switch other than the key fob for this system is the liftgate lock cylinder. There are no switches under the steering column, and that is why you couldn't locate it.
This is the switch that is located in the tail gate and you need to push it to operate the glass release actuator.
Before we go any further, please tell me if it is the glass or the gate that doesn't open?

Customer: replied 8 years ago.

The glass has to "pop" open before I can lower the tailgate (if you will). There is a lift handle on the inside of the door but can't be opened until the glass is opened first.

thanks again!

OK, my understanding is that the glass doesn't open at this time.
If you can hear the actuator clicking, but the glass doesn't "pop" open then chances are that the actuator is to weak to release the mechanism.
This could be a bit of a problem. You could try to push inwards on the glass while you are trying to open it with the remote or the switch. If this doesn't work then you will need to get inside the vehicle and try this procedure:
There are no images that I can provide for this, and GM may have changed the design by 2003 so please bare with me on this one, so here it is...
From the inside of the vehicle, go to the endgate trim panel. With your finger feel around in the center of the panel, just under (1-2 inches) the part where the upper hard plastic meets the "carpet" like panel. With some pressure you should be able to feel a small hole behind the "carpet" like trim material. If you locate this than you will need to use a knife and cut a small hole in the trim, with the use a long screwdriver reach through the hole and move the glass release latch sideways to release the glass.

Object Number: 300362  Size: SH
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Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Thanks! This will make for entertaining to anyone who witnesses me doing this as I try to load my groceries into the back of my blazer. I appreciate your help!
hello again,

Thanks for the accept and the bonus : )
I also remembered that I forget to add something to the story, once the glass is open and the endgate can be opened, you can remove the door panel and replace the faulty release actuator motor. This way you will only have to perform the entertainment only once at the mall.