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1996 chevy: only one heater hose is hot other is cold . radiator

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1996 chevy k1500 has no heat . only one heater hose is hot other is cold . radiator is full and no air in system . It worked great yesterday but not today.whats up?
thank you for your question . there are some known issues with these cooling sysytems. First I would flush heater core and inspect fitting into intake manifold where heater hose connects. try using a garden hose with both hoses off from core. it might be easier to leave the hoses connected at firewall and diconnect them at intake and the other at radiator. run water through in one direction then change direction of water and flush water through the heater core in other direction . no need for a lot of pressure just enough to see if this heater core is clogged because it may need replacement. next under the fitting at intake for heater hose . these have a quick disconect fitting that can become restricted with corrosion. and in some engines if the fitting is at rear of intake manifold near distributor. you mat have to remove hose and use a wire like a hanger wire to clear some restriction through the manifold gasket . some of these gaskets use a small hole to slow coolant flow and become clogged after time. I hope this get the heat going if you have any question please ask.
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
I flushed out heater core and it didnot make a difference. My truck has a big line that runs to the intake and that is hot . the other line runs to the water pump and is a little smaller but that one is cool. We also tried a new thermostat but I think the engine runs cooler now judging by the temp guage.Any more Ideas ? thanks
After you flushed your heater core, did you get any flow. Take the hose off on the heater core side that come out of the intake. Start the truck. Then let me know if coolant (water) comes out of this hose.
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
We had good flow through heater core with water hose . I removed the hose like you sudjested and water does come out when truck is started. Does that help?
Put the hose back together that you took off of the intake and put it back on the heater core. Remove the hose from the water pump and start the truck again. Then tell me if any water comes out of it.

Customer: replied 8 years ago.
there is very little water coming out , we just tried that .what does this mean?
It is important that you still keep the radiater full. That way the water pump will not be out of water. It sounds like your heater core is clogged or restricted and needs to be replaced.

Let me know if your answer has been answered to satisfaction. If not we will definately work together until we come up with the solution.

Thanks you for the question. I really hope that I have been of help.

Customer: replied 8 years ago.
the heater core has good flow when hooked up to water hose could it be a waterpump?
No, it is more then like not the waterpump. That is why we checked that. What you did told me that the water pump is working. I really feel that is is the heater core.

Please let me know.

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Customer: replied 8 years ago.
when we disconnected it water still came out of the heater hose though.
That proves that the water pump is good. The garden hose runs up to 50psi and the water pump on your truck is only a fourth of that. Therefore, the water pump in the truck can not push through the restriction in the heater core. I am pretty certain that a heater core replacement is needed. It is fairly common for the heater cores on these particular trucks to become restricted.