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What is the cost to replace the hub bearing on the right

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What is the cost to replace the "hub bearing" on the right front of a 2003 Chevy Suburban? Also, how much is the cost to replace the the front rotors and pads?
To be able to look up accurate prices, we need to know:
1) Is this a 1/2 ton (1500 series) Suburban, or a 3/4 ton (2500 series) Suburban?
2) is it aXXXXXor aXXXXXmodel?
(3) Does it have antilock brakes?
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
4wd with ABS 1500 series.

Parts and labor prices will vary considerably from one shop to another, depending on the brand and quality of the parts used, as well as the hourly labor rate of the repair shop.   I can give you parts and labor prices as published by GM for these repairs; that should give you a basis for comparison when shopping around
The hub assembly (which includes the bearing) costs approximately $474.46 from GM
There are actually seven different part numbers (per GM service bulletin #08-03-08-003) for this component; you will need to contact your local Gm dealership parts department with the vehicle VIN number if you wish to know the exact part number required for your particular vehicle
The labor time required to replace the RF hub and bearing assembly is 1.3 hours times the shop's hourly labor rate
National median is around $75.00 per hour, so labor for the hub and bearing should be somewhere in the $97.50 range
New GM brake rotors are $159.41 each
New genuine GM brake pads are $143.03 to $183.61, depending on which particular braking system your vehicle has (there are 3 different pad numbers
Labor time to replace the front pads is 1.3 hours, with an additional .6 hour to R&R both front rotors
So, average labor cost for the brake services should be around $142.50
If you have both the hub/ bearing assembly job and the brake services done at the same time, many shops would discount the labor time somewhat since removing the brake pads and rotor is part of the hub replacement job on that side
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