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Matt J
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can I tow a 2000 chevy blazer w/4 wheel drive behind an RV

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can I tow a 2000 chevy blazer w/4 wheel drive behind an RV?

Hello my name is XXXXX XXXXX I will be more than happy to assist you.


Does your Blazer have a button you have to push to go intoXXXXXor do you have a lever you have to manualy push/pull on the floor to put the vehicle inXXXXX

Customer: replied 8 years ago.

Hi Matt,

It has a button to push. 1 button forXXXXX 1 for 4 wheel high, and 1 for 4 wheel low. It is an LS model.

Four-wheel-drive vehicles can be dinghy towed if you follow the proper procedures. The transmission has no provisions for internal lubrication while being towed, so it is important that you follow all the steps listed in this manual to dinghy tow your four-wheel-drive vehicle.

Use the following procedure to tow your vehicle:

A1. Shift the transmission to PARK (P).

A2. Turn the engine off, but leave the ignition on.

A3. Firmly set the parking brake.

A4. Securely attach the vehicle being towed to the tow


A5. Shift the transfer case to NEUTRAL (N).

Shifting into NEUTRAL

To shift the transfer case to NEUTRAL do the following:

1. Make sure the vehicle is parked so that it will not roll:

2. Set the parking brake.

3. Start the vehicle or turn the ignition to RUN.

4. Connect the vehicle to the towing vehicle.

5. Put the transmission in NEUTRAL (N).

6. Shift the transfer case to 2HI.

7. Simultaneously press and hold the 2HI and 4LO buttons for 10 seconds. The red NEUTRAL light will come on when the transfer case shift to NEUTRAL is complete.

8. Shift the transmission to REVERSE (R) for one second, then shift the transmission to DRIVE (D) for one second.

9. Turn the ignition to OFF.

10. Place the transmission shift lever in PARK (P).

11. Release the parking brake prior to towing.

Shifting Out of NEUTRAL

To shift out of NEUTRAL:

1. Set the parking brake and apply the regular brake pedal.

2. Shift the transmission to NEUTRAL (N) and turn the ignition to RUN with the engine off.

3. Press the button for the desired transfer case shift position (2HI, 4HI, AUTO 4WD or 4LO).

4. After the transfer case has shifted out of NEUTRAL the red light will go out.

5. You may start the engine and shift the transmission to the desired position.

A6. Release the parking brake only after the vehicle being towed is firmly attached to the towing vehicle.

A7. When towing your vehicle, turn the ignition to LOCK. To prevent your battery from draining while towing, remove the Ignition A and the Ignition B fuses from the engine compartment fuse block. Be sure to reinstall the fuse when you reach your destination.

Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Could you define the term "dinghy towing" please?

Dinghy Towing is where you hookup bar to the front bumper and tow the vehicle with all four wheels on the ground




If you are not using Dinghy Tow and you are using a Tow Dolly then the same instructions apply. Tow Dolly is where you have the front wheels on a trailer only.



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