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goodwrench9124, ASE Certified Technician
Category: Chevy
Satisfied Customers: 3432
Experience:  Ase Master Certified, GM Master Certified Tech. Awarded GM Top performer, Hybrid certified
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How do you change spark plugs in a 2004 gmc canyon?

Resolved Question:

how do you change spark plugs in a 2004 gmc canyon?
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Chevy
Expert:  goodwrench9124 replied 8 years ago.

Hello and welcome. here is the instructions for spark plugs.


  • Remove the air cleaner outlet duct.
    Object Number:(NNN) NNN-NNNN Size: SH

  • Disconnect the atmospheric vent hose (2) from the air cleaner resonator (1).
    Object Number:(NNN) NNN-NNNN Size: SH

  • Loosen the air cleaner resonator outlet duct clamp (4).
  • Remove the 2 air cleaner resonator bolts (1).
  • Complete the following in order to remove the air cleaner resonator (2) and outlet duct from the engine:
    5.1. Lift upward on the assembly.
    5.2. Disconnect the following:
    - The crankcase ventilation hose (3) from the camshaft cover
    - The outlet duct (4) from the throttle body
    5.3. Remove the assembly (2) from the engine.

    Ignition Coil Replacement

    Removal Procedure

    1. Remove the air cleaner resonator and outlet duct
      Object Number: 858168  Size: SH

    2. Remove the ignition coil bolts.
    3. Remove the ignition coils from the camshaft cover.

    Spark Plug Replacement

    1. Remove the ignition coils.

      Caution: Wear safety glasses when using compressed air, as flying dirt particles may cause eye injury.

      Notice: Clean the spark plug recess area before removing the spark plug. Failure to do so could result in engine damage because of dirt or foreign material entering the cylinder head, or by the contamination of the cylinder head threads. The contaminated threads may prevent the proper seating of the new plug. Use a thread chaser to clean the threads of any contamination.

      Object Number:(NNN) NNN-NNNN Size: SH

    2. Clean the spark plug recesses with low pressure air.

      Notice: Allow the engine to cool before removing the spark plugs. Attempting to remove the spark plugs from a hot engine may cause the plug threads to seize, causing damage to cylinder head threads.

    3. Remove the spark plugs from the cylinder head.
    4. Inspect the spark plugs.
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