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Can you please tell me how to replace a 1998 Chevy blazer blower

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Can you please tell me how to replace a 1998 Chevy blazer blower motor?



  • Disconnect the battery negative cable.
  • Remove the VCM. Refer to VCM Replacement/Programming in Engine Controls - 4.3L.
  • Remove the coolant reservoir. Refer to Coolant Recovery Reservoir Replacement in Engine Cooling.
  • Remove the rear coolant recovery reservoir mounting stud.
  • Disconnect the electrical connector from the blower motor.
  • Remove the blower motor access cover retaining screws.

    Important: Cut through the cover as straight as possible because the access cover must be replaced. Part of this repair is visible to the customer. In order to prevent damage to the component, do not cut any deeper than is necessary in order to remove the access cover.

  • Cut through the cover on the cut line (1) using a razor blade or a sharp utility knife.

    Object Number: 394171  Size: SH

    Click here for detailed picture of above image.

  • Disconnect the cooling tube from the blower motor.
  • Disconnect the electrical connector from the blower motor and fan assembly.
  • Remove the blower motor and fan assembly mounting bolts.
  • Remove the blower motor and fan assembly.






    Customer: replied 8 years ago.
    Hi Michael

    Your link to VCM replacement and coolant reservoir, as well as the picture you inserted, state that I am unable to view...that I am unauthorized. If I accept this answer, will it allow me to view these items?




    Disconnect the negative battery cable.
    Object Number: 279285  Size: SH


  • Remove the VCM bracket bolts.
  • Lift the inside edge of the VCM bracket until the bottom of the bracket can clear the A/C accumulator.
  • Slide the VCM bracket over the A/C accumulator.
  • Continue sliding the VCM bracket until the fender side of the bracket is no longer underneath the fender lip.
    Object Number: 279286  Size: SH

    Remove the retainer clips and VCM connectors.
    Object Number: 279288  Size: SH

    Remove the VCM from the VCM bracket



    Disconnect the hose from the coolant recovery reservoir.
    Object Number: 3326  Size: SH

    Remove the coolant recovery reservoir attaching nuts.



  • Remove the coolant recovery reservoir.
  • Remove the coolant from the reservoir


    You do not have to disconnect the vcm(pcm) to replace the blower motor, just move to the side and leave it pluged in.

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