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2002 Chevy Suburban: automatic transmission..dealership..rebuild

Resolved Question:

2002 Chevy Suburban, automatic transmission.   Every gear works except for Drive. Service dept at dealership has not opened it up but says they are fairly certain thereis a broken "sprague" (?), and that they need to completely rebuild transmission or replace with new transmission. does this sound legit?
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Chevy
Expert:  tech364 replied 8 years ago.
welcomeCustomer i am sorry to hear of your trouble, these repairs can be expensive. the sprag clutch is like a one way roller, if it goes out you will not have drive, if it has gone depending on the damage it may be necessary to go through the entire trans to be sure there is nothing left from the damage to cause a problem after the repair kind of a better safe than sorry. to get to the sprag you have to dissmantle and to go ahead and replace the clutches that have wear is usually standard practice.
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
so is either a complete overhaul or new transmission potentially the right thing?
Expert:  tech364 replied 8 years ago.
yes i would definitely inspect all of the trans if i were going to rebuild and replace anything that is worn you dont want to do this again soon. as for a new trans some companies offer a reman with a 3 year 36,000 mile warranty (NAPA, Auto Zone) this is better than the 1 year 12,000 mile warranty that comes with most rebuilds with a couple hundred dollar difference, i would check it both ways and depending on your financial situation, or how much you enjoy the car a reman may be a better way to go.
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