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2004 Chevy suburban: heated seats..the doors auto locking as well

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2004 Chevy suburban. Having trouble with the heated seats only working intermittently as well as the auto movement (entry postition/exit position) of the seat. Possibly an issue with the doors auto locking as well. Fuses look good. Any ideas?
This type of problem is rather hard to diagnose through simple wiring tests. There are modules such as the drivers door control module and the memory heated seat module that are involved in these systems. These modules communicate via a class 2 data line. This line is much like a usb cable on your computer and is not something that you can test with a voltmeter. This line transmits messages back and forth from module to module showing commands or problems with the system. To accurately diagnose a situation like this, you really need to use a gm tech 2 scan tool or a scan tool that can watch body control activities as they happen. I can assist you in testing for voltage supply and so on, but you will have no way of verifying that these messages are being sent to make the heated seats etc operate. If you would like to do this testing, let me know and I can help you verify that the modules have the correct power and ground where it is needed. The problems are commonly known to be caused by the door module, or the memory heated seat module. If you decide you want to do the testing that we can, you will need a digital voltmeter. Feel free to contact me with any questions or if you would prefer a second opinion! Good luck!
Customer: replied 8 years ago.

Could the driver's door module affect the heated seats on the drivers and passengers' sides but only affect the manual controls on the drivers seat and not on the passengers?


The drivers door module should not be affecting the heated seats at all to be honest. I mentioned that just due to the fact you mentioned that the auto door locks are possibly inoperative. The drivers door module controls these. Honestly at this point I think that you would be best to have a scan done to see if there are any body type failure present. As I stated, we can check the heter elements for high resistance, and we can verify if the power seat motors are getting voltage as needed, but we still cannot actually test the modules to verify that they are getting or producing the messages to operate these functions. If you can get your hands on a gm tech 2 scan tool I can really help you out. The problem is most people don't have access to a tool like this.
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