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mauricio, Auto Service Technician
Category: Chevy
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Experience:  8 years working for GM dealer in Delaware
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how to remove dash pad for 1996 chevy s-10

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how to remove dash pad for 1996 chevy s-10

Remove Or Disconnect
  1. Negative battery cable.
  2. Disable Supplemental Inflatable Restraint (SIR) system.
  3. Two screws from Instrument Cluster trim plate.
  4. Cluster Trim Plate from Instrument Panel (I/P) .
  5. Electrical connectors as necessary.
    • Tilt steering column down (if equipped).
    • Set parking brake, block wheels, and place automatic transmission in low (if equipped).
    • graphic
  • Left I/P sound insulator.
  • Diagnostic Link Connector (DLC).
  • Remote Keyless Entry (RKE) /delay module.
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    1. Center I/P sound insulator.
    2. Knee bolster.
      1. Park brake release cable by squeezing retainers.
      2. Disconnect cable slug from park brake mechanism.
      3. graphic
        1. Right I/P sound insulator.
        2. Lighter and accessory power outlets (if equipped).
        3. Courtesy lamp.
        4. Knee bolster from the vehicle.
        5. Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning (HVAC) control assembly.
        6. Four radio screws.
        7. Radio and storage compartment assembly.
          • Reach behind radio, disconnect antenna and three electrical connectors.
        1. Four steering column screws with 15 mm wrench.
        2. Four lower I/P support screws across bottom of I/P.
      4. graphic
    • Left and right I/P pivot bolts.
  • graphic
  • I/P lower support to brake pedal bracket.



    1. I/P upper support bolts.
      • Both speaker grills.
      • Windshield defrost grill with flat bladed tool starting at one end and working down the grill.
    1. Electrical connectors, as necessary.
    2. I/P from vehicle. Install Or Connect
    1. I/P to the vehicle
  • graphic
    • Rest I/P onto lower pivot studs.
    1. Electrical connectors, as necessary.
      1. Four upper I/P support screws.
      2. Right, center, and left lower I/P support screws.
      1. Steering column nuts. Tighten Steering column nuts to 30 Nm (22 lb. ft.).
      2. Speaker grilles and screws. Tighten Speaker grille screws to 1.9 Nm (17
      3. Radio.
      1. HVAC control assembly.
      1. I/P cluster trim.
      1. Knee bolster.
      1. Center I/P sound insulator.
      2. Left I/P sound insulator.
      1. Right I/P sound insulator.
      1. Enable SIR system.
      2. Negative battery cable.
        • Align I/P for lower screws. Tighten Upper and lower support screws to 7.5 Nm (66 lb. in.).
        1. Electrical connectors.
        2. Antenna lead-in.
        1. Electrical connectors.
        2. Vacuum connectors.
        3. Four 7mm screws. Tighten Control assembly screws to 1.9 Nm (17 lb. in.).
        • Align cluster trim with Knee bolster.
        1. Lap cooler duct.
        2. Courtesy lamp.
        3. Lighter and accessory outlets (if equipped).
        4. Park brake cable.
        5. Screws. Tighten Knee bolster screws to 9 Nm (79 lb. in.).
        1. DLC connector.
        2. RKE/delay module.
        3. Nut to accelerator pedal stud. Tighten Nut to 4 Nm (35 lb. in.).
        1. Powertrain Control Module (PCM) (if equipped).
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
replacing heater core in 1996 chevy s10 how to take off dash pad

Remove Or Disconnect
  1. Engine coolant.
  2. Heater hoses.
  1. Instrument panel.
    • Refer to "Dash Board" under Body and Frame / Interior Trim. See: Body and Frame\Interior Moulding / Trim\Dashboard / Instrument Panel
  1. Rear case screws. (88)
  2. Rear case. (96)
  3. Screws. (94)
  4. Straps. (93)
  5. Heater core. (92)
  6. Seals. (89 & 90)

Install Or Connect

  1. Seals. (89 & 90)
  2. Heater core. (92)
  3. Straps. (93)
  4. Screws. (94)
  5. Rear case. (96)
  6. Rear case screws. (88)
  7. Instrument panel.
  8. Heater hoses.
  9. Engine coolant.
    • Check the system for leaks.
  • graphic
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