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I am trying to replace the front drivers side window motor

Customer Question

I am trying to replace the front driver's side window motor and already have directions, but have no diagrams to follow the technical terminology. I downloaded an online manual for my 2000 Chevy Venture, but directions are vague, also calling for a tool that costs $120. The instructions with the new replacement motor don't call for that special tool, but have no diagrams. I'm also not sure what rivets or dimples I should be drilling out. Can someone give me diagrams and clear instructions?
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Chevy
Expert:  Billy replied 8 years ago.
HelloCustomerand welcome to just answer.

To remove the driver side power window motor without the factory tool is a dangerous procedure and not recommended. You will need the tool to release the spring tension before you can remove the motor from the regulator. The regulator lift arm is under tension from the spring and can cause personal injury if the motor is removed from the regulator.
However it is up to you to attempt the repair or to get creative and fabricate some type of tool to do the job. One thing you can try is to separate the regulator/motor assembly from the glass and to operate/move the motor to the end of its travel to somewhat release the counterbalance spring tension.
Operate the motor both directions and check which way does the spring unwinds.
I will also include some instructions for you. There shouldn't be any rivets to drill out on a 2000 chevy venture. It is all bolts and the motor snaps into place to the regulator.

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Best regards,

Tools Required

J 38864 Counterbalance Spring Removal and Installation Tool

Removal Procedure

Caution: Do not attempt to service the regulator motor without releasing the counterbalance spring tension. The regulator lift arm is under tension from the counterbalance spring and can cause personal injury if the motor is removed from the regulator.

  1. Remove the front door trim panel.
  2. Remove the front door water deflector.
  3. Apply the cloth backed body tape from the window over the top of the door to the other side of the window in order to hold the window in position when the removing the regulator.
  4. Remove the wiring harness from the regulator motor.
  5. Important: Draw a line across the spring through the center with a marker or grease pencil in order to aid in the re-installation and orientation of the counterbalance spring.

  6. Use the J 38864 to walk down the spring tension.

  7. Object Number: 319779  Size: SH

  8. Unsnap the power window motor in order to remove the power window motor from the lock module.

Installation Procedure

  1. Lubricate the motor drive gear and the regulator sector teeth.

  2. Object Number: 319781  Size: SH

  3. Snap the power window motor to the lock module in order to install the power window motor.
  4. Important: Ensure the marker or grease pencil line from the removal procedure is lined up. Lining up the mark will set the correct pyre-tension of the counterbalance spring.

  5. Use the J 38864 .
  6. Install the wiring harness to the regulator motor.
  7. Install the front door water deflector.
  8. Install the front door trim panel.