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2000 Chevrolet Blazer: LT..4.3 liter, automatic..4WD...fuel pump

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I just purchased a non running 2000 Chevrolet Blazer LT, 4.3 liter, automatic, 4 door, 4WD. The fuel pump was bad. I replaced it today and it fired right up. I pulled the gear lever into reverse and it would not move. I cut the engine off and checked the trans fluid. I added 3.5 qts to get it to full. The transmission shifts smoothly and doesn't slip but it has a bad whine. When in park or neutral there is no whine but when I put it in any gear, reverse or forward the whine begins. The Blazer had been sitting for a couple of months and there is oil / fluid on the transmission. There was not a puddle of fluid where the Blazer had been sitting. The Blazer may have been towed via a chain with another vehicle but I'm not completelty sure about that. The Blazer has 148000 miles on it and the seller told me the transmission had been recently replaced. Any ideas?
Did he say that it was replaced with a new or rebuilt, or did he specify at all what it was replaced with? Any possibility is was another used one from a wrecking yard with no history on it? If it was a new or rebuilt, there should be some sort of a warranty with it. sounds like the first thing you need to do is to get an idea of what is leaking, where and why and then go from there. Some of the things that could cause the unit to make a noise would be a bad pump, a plugged filter or broken filter or filter pickup tube. A bad pump or a trans that has been run with too much or too little fluid in it, can do damage to a pump or converter that would let it make noise. If, as you suspect it was towed with the wheels on the ground, it would matter how far and at what speeds it was towed as that could also do some damage internally on the trans that could cause it to make noise. This trans has a front pump so when it is towed and the drive shaft is turning the rear of the trans is not getting lubricated and it would be pretty easy to tear up output shaft bushings and things like that. You could have fluid line pressure tests done on the trans to eliminate the front pump, but for most of the things that could make noise to be inspected, it will require a tear down of the trans and a physical inspection to see what may or may not be damaged. I think I would begin by removing the trans oil pan and filter and inspecting for signs of burnt clutch material and signs of metal , like brass bushings and things of that nature in the bottom of the pan and the filter. That should give you a good starting point, from there you should get a pretty good idea of what parts to be looking at closely. Any chance that he did the work on the trans himself and may have damaged some parts in the process? Thanks
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
I purchased the Blazer from a recently divorced lady. I have an emeil into her now to see if the transmission was still under warranty. She purchased the Blazer in 2005 with 89000 miles on it and the work has been done since then. She did tell me the cost for the transmission was $1500.00 if that gives you any clue. I haven't cleaned the transmission so I can check to see why the fluid is on the outside of the transmission but it appears the wettest area is teh front of the transmission. I'll drop the pan tomorrow and check for shavings. If there are no shavings would you suggest installing a new filter and fluid or would you just haul it to the shop. Or at this point should I just drive it to the shop an dlet them check the transmission?
I would not do anything until you hear back from her. If it is still under warranty, some of these trans shops do not want anyone taking them apart except themselves. It would be awful if you removed the pan and then found out that was all the reason they needed to void a warranty. So, wait that long at least. Then decide if you want to tear into it or not. If it leaks at the front, I would suspect a bad front trans pump seal. That could be caused by a poor installation or even a problem with the front pump and again, the pump could be making the noise. If you find out there is no kind of warranty coverage, then I would pull the pan and see if I could find anything obvious. If not, then you have to chose between putting it back together to drive to the repair shop or towing it. If it is still running and drivable now, it may pay you, if there is no warranty to take it to a couple of different trans shops and ask for a written estimate. Some of these trans technicians are good enough that they can give you a pretty good idea of what is wrong just from toad testing the truck. They see the same things over and over day after day on the same kinds of transmissions, so they get real good at knowing what to expect, before they even open them up. And then you have a pretty good idea, before you even start on it, of what to expect. The $1500. tells me it was not a new trans. Maybe a rebuilt, but even for that price, it would not normally include installation. A new one installed would be well over 2 grand and a re man would run close to that with labor. If it has to be replaced, call around and get several estimates and compare warranties. Some go as long as 5 yrs and 50 thousand miles. Let me know if there is anything else I can do to help. Thanks
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