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1999 Tahoe 4X4: power steering pump..steering gear blow a seal

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I own a 1999 Tahoe 4X4, 350 vortec. The problem is with the power steering pump. I recently had the steering gear blow a seal and need to be replaced. because the pump ran out of fluid, I decided to replace the pump as well (only 50$ anyway) after everything was back in place there was still a small leak on the pump. it appears to be coming from the pressure line fitting. there is a little drilled hole in the fitting. is this a relief valve of some kind and do I need to replace it to get it to reseat.
HelloCustomerand welcome to just answer.

I suspect the above mentioned "fitting" is the control valve assembly that screws into the back of the pump and the p/s pressure hose attaches to it. Yes it does have a small orifice on the side and it is a bleed off hole.
There is an o-ring that sits above the groove with the small hole in it. Make sure it is installed correctly. Also there is three other o-rings inbetween the pump and the pump housing that seals the tank/housing to the pump assembly. Very important to install the correct sizes. There is two different thicknesses are available and if you had to transfer the tank from one pump to the other they maybe installed incorrectly or mixed up.
Also there is a large o-ring on the pump which could cause some leak.
There should be no holes whatsoever on the p/s pressure hose and fitting it self, but there is an other small o-ring that has to be installed on the p/s pressure hose fitting before installation.

    Object Number: 404947  Size: SH

    Important: Use new O-ring seals when assembling the power steering pump assembly.

  1. Lubricate the O-ring seals (1) (4) with power steering fluid.
  2. To install the control valve assembly and flow control spring to the pump housing assembly (2);
  3. Install the O-ring seals (1) (4) to the pump housing assembly (2).
  4. Install the magnet (3) to the pump housing assembly (2).

  5. Object Number: 431061  Size: SH

  6. Connect the reservoir assembly (1) to the pump housing assembly (2).
  7. Install the O-ring seal.

  8. Object Number: 431059  Size: SH

  9. Install the connector and fitting assembly (5). To install the variable assist steering actuator (3) and retaining ring (4);
  10. Install the pump mounting studs (2) to the pump housing (1).
  11. Tighten
    Tighten the pump mounting studs (2) to 58 N·m (43 lb ft).

    Tighten the connector and fitting assembly (5) to 75 N·m (55 lb ft).

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