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Dave Nova
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how to change bushings on upper control shaft

Resolved Question:

how to change bushings on upper control shaft
Submitted: 9 years ago.
Category: Chevy
Expert:  Dave Nova replied 9 years ago.
What year/make/model is your vehicle?
Customer: replied 9 years ago.
it's a 1994 chevy caprice.
Expert:  Dave Nova replied 9 years ago.
Front Upper Control Arm

Tool Required : J 23742 Ball Joint Separator.

Remove or Disconnect
  1. Air cleaner and resonator duct, if removing left side upper control arm.

Important : Place ignition cylinder in locked position, if removing left side upper control arm, or damage to the SIR coil may result.

  1. Intermediate steering shaft, if removing left side upper control arm.
  2. Raise and suitably support vehicle.
  3. Tire and wheel.
  4. Support the lower control arms with jackstands.


  • Jack stands must remain under lower control arm spring seat during removal and installation to retain spring and lower control arm in position.
  • The jack stands must be positioned between the spring seat and lower control arm ball stud of the lower control arms for maximum leverage.
  1. Wheel speed sensor and secure.
  2. Loosen nuts (51).
    • Remove shims (49) from each bolt/screw (8), tape them together, and mark them for installation to the same position from which they were removed.
  1. Steering knuckle upper cotter pin and steering knuckle upper nut.
  2. Separate the upper control arm ball stud from the steering knuckle using J 23742.

Notice : Support front brake rotor to prevent weight from damaging front brake hose.

  1. Nuts (51).
  2. Upper control arm (3).

Install or Connect

  1. Upper control arm (3).

Notice : When fasteners are removed, always reinstall them at the same location from which they were removed. If a fastener needs to be replaced, use the correct part number fastener for that application. Fasteners that are not reused, and those requiring thread locking compound will he called out. The correct torque value must be used when installing fasteners that require it. If the above conditions are not followed, parts or system damage could result.

  1. Pivot shaft (50) to bolts/screws (8).
  2. Place shims (49) in their original position between the pivot shaft (50) and frame (62) on their respective bolts/screws (8).
  3. Nuts (51). Tighten
    • Nuts (51) to 95 N.m (70 lb. ft.) .
  1. Remove the temporary support from the front brake rotor, then connect upper control arm ball stud to the steering knuckle.
  2. Wheel speed sensor in steering knuckle.
  3. Tire and wheel.
  4. Remove jack stands.
  5. Lower vehicle. Tighten
    • Wheel nuts to 140 N.m (100 lb. ft.) .
    • Nuts (52) to 125 N.m (92 lb. ft.) at curb height only if upper control arm bushings (54) were serviced.
  1. Intermediate steering shaft, if removed.
  2. Air cleaner and resonator duct, if removed

Bushing Removal

Fig. 8 Control Arm Bushing Installation

  1. Raise and support vehicle and remove control arm.
  2. Press bushings out of control arm using suitable tools as shown in Fig. 7
  3. Reverse procedure to install, ensuring bushing is properly seated in control arm, Fig. 8. If replacement bushing fits loosely in control arm, or if mounting areas are damaged or deformed, control arm must be replaced.
Customer: replied 9 years ago.
the pictures for figures 7 and 8 aren't working
Customer: replied 9 years ago.
How should i remove the shaft before i remove the bushings. It seems to be stuck on to them. Both bolts have been removed and the shaft will not rotate in the bushings.
Expert:  Dave Nova replied 9 years ago.

The shaft has a shoulder on it and will not come out until one of the bushings is removed.

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