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1995 chevrolet: blazer.Put new master cylinder on brakes..push down

Customer Question

I have a 1995 chevrolet blazer.Put new master cylinder on brakes still do not work.They are very hard to push down.What might be the problem.
Submitted: 9 years ago via
Category: Chevy
Expert:  Eric replied 9 years ago.



A brake pedal that is rock hard when trying to push down on the pedal, along with much greater stopping distance is indicative of a faulty brake booster.


Replacement directions:


  1. Apply the parking brake and block the drive wheels.
  2. Remove the master cylinder-to-power brake booster nuts, then reposition the master cylinder and combination valve out of the way; if necessary, support the master cylinder on a wire to prevent damaging the brake lines.

When removing the master cylinder from the power brake booster, it is not necessary to disconnect the hydraulic lines, therefore the brake system should not have to be bled.

  1. Disconnect the vacuum hose from the power brake booster
  2. Remove the retainer and brake switch from the brake pedal.
  3. graphic
  4. Disconnect the pushrod from the brake pedal.
  5. From under the dash, remove the power brake booster-to-cowl retaining nuts.
  6. Back under the hood, remove the power brake booster and the gasket from the cowl.
  7. graphic