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erik, ASE Certified Technician
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I own a 2001 Silverado. In the message center, the security

Customer Question

I own a 2001 Silverado. In the message center, the security light remains on, and the keyless entry does not work. Is there a way I can reset the security system so this light will shut off? Do I need to reprogram my keyless remotes? What is going on???
Submitted: 9 years ago.
Category: Chevy
Expert:  erik replied 9 years ago.
iv'e had multipul theft light problems with these silverado its hard to tell whats going on with out knowing what trouble codes you have. the most common code is b2960 is caused by a bad passlock sensor which is located in your ignition lock cylinder case.replace the case and reprogram the theft deterrant far as your remotes not working test to see if the batteries are good in the remotes and program the remotes.the programing needs to be done at the dealer.if you replace the ignition lock cylinder case with out programing it the truck wont start.good luck
Customer: replied 9 years ago.

At the begining, when the vehicle would not start, I began searching for a cause on-line (based on symptoms). At this point, the security light was not staying lit as it does now, but based on the sysmptoms and what I was reading, I felt the vehicle would not start becuase of the passlock system (I could hear the fuel pump activate and run for the 3 second priming phase and I checked the fuel filter... no clogs and fuel at both ends of the system. I changed the filter at this point) After more online research, I found references to the b2960 passlock sensor code. I called the local gm dealer to discuss the issue. I was told to disconnect the battery for 30 minutes to see if I could get the passlock system to reset itself. I was told that if this did not work I would need to bring the truck in. Disconnecting the battery did not work. I had the truck towed to the dealer. I again discussed the possibility of a passlock problem with the dealer when I initially dropped off the vehicle. The next day, the dealer called and instructed me that the PCM was not registering any codes whatsoever. I was told that the fuel pump was only registering 37psi (spec is 55-62 psi at the minimum). The dealer wanted just under 900 dollars to replace the pump and would not garauntee that the problem would be resolved. I took the vihicle to a local indie shop and had the pump replace with another oem pump which I provided. The vehicle would still not start after the swap and was doing the exact same thing, only this time the fuel pressure was within the speced range. (It was like the injectors were shutting off after a second or two.) The indie shop began diagnosising the problem and eventually came to the conclusion that the crankshaft positioning sensor was bad. They removed and replaced the crankshaft positioning sensor (broke the starter while doing that -- hence starter was replaced). with the new sensor and starter, the vehicle will now start and runs perfectly, but the security light remains on and the keyless system (which was working fine the day before the problems began) will not function. The truck has 139,000+ miles on it and I am trying to keep it on the road for a bit, with that being said, I cannot afford to spend another $500 - 700 dollars (dealer quoted price) to have the passlock system replaced. Because the dealer was initially adimant that the passlock system was fine and showing no codes, I am reluctant to now conceed that it is faulty.


The battery was ran dead by the dealer and was not fully recharged once I got the vehicle back. It was charged by the indie shop but also need to be jumped once before the battery fully recharged. Is there a specific fuse or group of fuses that control the passlock system? I have reviewed my owners manual and there is no fuse or relay listed specifically for "passlock." I would like to exhaust all of my options before throwing in the towel and driving it back to the dealer.

Expert:  erik replied 9 years ago.
im sorry for the headache you must have over this truck.unfourtionaly theres no direct fuse for the pass lock system .the pass lock sensor gets the voltage it needs from the body control module.the best thing to do is to replace the ignition lock case and program the theft system but first try this,theres two ways to program the theft is to program at the dealer using a gm scan tool aka the tech 2 or whats called the 30 minuite relearn which you can do at home.start the truck then turn it off,then turn the key on to the run possition with engine off for 5 minuites.after five minuites turn the key off for 5 seconds then turn the key on to the run position ,engine off, for 5 minuites turn the key off for 5 seconds then turn key on to the run position for 5 minutes engine off then turn off and then start the engine if the light goes off then your good if not then you should replace the case because it could leave you stranded one day when it fails.let me know if i can be of any more help
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Customer: replied 9 years ago.

Eric, thanks, I'll give the home reset procedure a try, hopefully that does the trick.

Expert:  erik replied 9 years ago.
your welcome and thank you and another thing,make sure your battery is fully charged its easy to drain a battery during the reprogram procedure