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99 Chevy Prizm: timing belt..What is the repair or replacement mileage

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Does my 99 Chevy Prizm have a timing chain or timing belt? What is the repair or replacement mileage for the one it has?
It has a timing chain on that vehicle.

Customer: replied 8 years ago.
The response did not include an answer about at what mileage the timing chain is recommended to be replaced, In the further details that I included when I activated my question, I said that my local Chevy dealer had just told me that he thought that my Prizm had a chain, not a belt, and that needed to be replaced only if it broke, (He appeared not to have very clear info on my car because it is almost 10 years old.)
He was correct.

There is not maintanance interval on a chain. They are only changed if they have a problem which most don't.
Customer: replied 8 years ago.

Dear Expert:


Thanks for your help: you answered my questions. Do you know if I can print out your reply for my records, if I accept (pay for) your response, or do I need to make a note of what you told me? (This if my first time to use this service.) Also, would you have anyway to know if $1, 000 is reasonable for this type of repair (Chicago area) if it does break? And for my very last question, how would I know if broke or needed repair??? Thanks!!

You can not only print this out but you can come back to the question any time and it will still be there.

$1000 sounds a little on the steep side. I would expect more like $600 to $700.

It's not something you really should be concerning yourself with. They will usually make a lot of rattling noise for a long time before failing and will stop running when they do fail.
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