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1989 gmc: an extension plate and axle end plate..bolts..rear brake

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I have a 1989 gmc sierra sle 3500 truck. The 8 bolt rear drums seem to be behind an extension plate and axle end plate held on by bolts. How do I remove this rear brake drum?



Here are directions:


  • Remove the bolts and lock washers that attach the axle shaft flange to the hub.
  • Rap on the flange with a soft faced hammer to loosen the shaft. Grip the rib on the end of the flange with a pair of locking pliers and twist to start shaft removal. Remove the shaft from the axle tube.

  • The hub and drum assembly must be removed to remove the bearings and oil seals. You will need a large socket to remove and later adjust the bearing adjustment nut. There are also special tools available.

  • Disengage the tang of the locknut retainer from the slot or slat of the locknut, then remove the locknut from the housing tube.

  • Disengage the tang of the retainer from the slot or flat of the adjusting nut and remove the retainer from the housing tube.

  • Remove the adjusting nut from the housing tube.

  • Remove the thrust washer from the housing tube.

  • Pull the hub and drum straight off the axle housing.






    Special tool in above diagram available from any parts store

    Eric and 9 other Chevy Specialists are ready to help you
    Customer: replied 9 years ago.
    So just to change brake shoes, all the above parts must be removed? What is a normal charge if I paid someone to do this for me?



    Yes, in order to replace the shoes, all the above have to come off. Normal charge will be 3 hours labor to replace the shoes. If drums need machining, wheel bearings need to be repacked or replaced, that would be additional.

    Eric and 9 other Chevy Specialists are ready to help you