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2002 suburban roof leaks

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2002 suburban roof leaks
WelcomeCustomer Does your suburban have a sun roof? What part is leaking. Please reply with as much detail as you can so I can better understand your water leak. Thanks.
Customer: replied 8 years ago.


yes it has a sunroof and I suspect this is the problem. It is the Z71 version with HD roof rack too, which may also be the culpret.


The water leaks in through the center concole if parked facing down hill and back seat roof liner when parking back down. (our drive way is slowed). We just had a big storm so...


I just read #PIT4439 - (06/21/2007), which sounds likely but have not looked at the car yet to see if the glass needs adjustment. I was also thinking that maybe there is a gasket or something that needs to be cleaned or a water passage way that is cloged.

First you can check the adjustment. I read the bulletin and mostly agree with it. However, The roof will never fully seal, that is why there are drains on all 4 corners. I would first open the sun roof fully and inspect the drains. On a level surface pour a small amount of water into the track on ether side and see if it drains properly. If you need the directions to adjust the glass, please ask and I will send them to you .
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Customer: replied 8 years ago.

getting ready for the water inspection. I can see the drains in the front but not the back. if clogged, what are the options. I suspect this may be the problem. Also, can you send me anything you have on glass alignment and adjustment?


thanks for your help. dw


Sorry for the delay. If the drains are clogged you will need to free them. The front drains run along the windshield A pillars. The rear drains should run along C pillars.