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Its a 5 speed hatchback, and I need to get it emissions tested..idle

Customer Question

It's a 5 speed hatchback, and I need to get it emission's tested but the test site said that the idle was too high to do I fix this?
Submitted: 9 years ago.
Category: Chevy
Expert:  Dave Nova replied 9 years ago.


NOTE: Before starting engine place transaxle gear selector in Park (Neutral for M/T) and set parking brake and block drive wheels.

Accelerator Cable Adjustment

  1. Check accelerator cable for free movement and excessive play, cable play should be within specification.
  2. Inspect lead wires and hoses of EFI and engine emissions control systems for secure connections.
  3. Check ignition timing and adjust if necessary.
  4. Turn "OFF" all accessories (A/C, wipers, heater, lights, etc.).
  5. Make sure air cleaner is installed correctly.
  6. Remove cover on idle speed adjusting screw.
  7. Start engine and allow it to reach normal operating temperature (all accessories "OFF")
  8. Connect a tachometer.

Diagnosis Switch Terminal

  1. Install a spare fuse to diagnosis switch terminal in fuse block.
  2. Check idle speed, it should be:
A/T Metro LSI 700 +/- 50 rpm
A/T 850 +/- 50 rpm
M/T 750 +/- 50 rpm

Idle Speed Adjusting Screw

  1. If necessary, adjust idle speed by turning idle speed adjusting screw "IN" to increase or "OUT" to decrease idle speed.
  2. Remove spare fuse from diagnosis switch terminal, disconnect tachometer and install idle speed screw cover.