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2001 Olds Alero: Climate..Blend door actuator..temp control is set

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2001 Olds Alero GLS. Climate temp control problem. Blend door actuator moves blend door to the hot position no matter where temp control is set. I have replaced actuator with new. Actuator doesn't move smoothly but has small reverses and vague movement. It acts exactly like the original actuator. With actuator removed, the blend door moves freely. When temp control is turned to different position, blend door starts to move and eventually settles to the full hot position.


Your problem is with the signal from one of the computers(Body control or Powertrain).With the use of a class 2 scan tool & output tests,the controller & the actuator can be manipulated with the scan tool.This way you can decide whether the system is functional or not.A "skewed" signal from an input sensor can also cause havoc.Check for fail codes in powertrain & body control module.

Customer: replied 8 years ago.
I don't cuuurently have access to a scan tool but have one more observation for you to contemplate. the climate control system has three rotating control knobs. from left to right they are fan speed control, temp controll, and ducting control (floor. defroster dash vents etc.). When temp control is rotated all the way clockwise (hot) the blend door acctuator doesn't move. If the control is moved to any other position, the actuator moves vaguely and returns to hot position. However, i I give gentle side pressure to the control knob the blend works as normal. To me this would indicate that the control knob itself is faulty. The control knob does not appear to be serviceable as it is part of a unit with the three other control knobs, a circuit board and controls and lights. Replace unit?

From what you have just told me I would have to say that the temperature control is faulty.This repair will take the replacement of the control head,which consists of all 3 knobs & module.

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