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1999 Chevy: wont turn..strange this is all the lights and stereo work.

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I have a 1999 Chevy Silverado. I''t wont turn over at all. The strange this is all the lights and stereo work. Battery is not dead. But as soon as I turn the key over, all the lights go out and all I get is this clicking sound. I turn the key back off and the lights come on. What do I do?
It sounds like you do not have enough power to the starter to make it work. Sometimes you can have enough power to have lights and stereo but not enough to the starter. You need to check your battery cables for tightness and corrosion, and repair as needed. And then see if the truck starts with jumper cables. If it does, replace the battery. Thanks
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Customer: replied 9 years ago.
It doesn't start with jumper cables. The battery is strong, fully charged.
Do you have a test light or a volt meter?
Customer: replied 9 years ago.
No I don't have a test light or volt meter. I can give you more symptoms. It seems like it is a short of some kind. Sometimes there are no console lights, sometimes the lights are really strong and bright. giggle the keys and everything comes on, jiggle them again everything is off. One thing for sure, as soon as I try to turn it over and start it, everyting shuts down. I know this sounds like a battery issue to you. I would say the same, but I even put a brand new battery in last night. Same symptoms.

Hi, thanks for the reply. Before all of this happened, did you have any warning lights coming on in the dash? Also, are you getting a security light coming on in the dash now as you are trying to start it?

Customer: replied 9 years ago.
The only warning lights I ever get are "check foru wheel drive", and "low fuel" when fuel is low. I can't remember if the security light was on when I attempted to start it last night. But it was on when I got out of the truck. It flashes when the door is unlocked and is solid light when I lock it. Basically, two days ago I drove about 20 miles to friends house, stayed 20 minutes, when I tried to start the truck it turned normally and almost started. I let go of ignition and it made strange noies and my console went blank. Then the console again, and off again. But everytime I turned the key to start it everything goes out. One strange thing. Last night when I tried to start it I noticed I could not turn off my dome light.
O.K. ---couple different possibilities here. The way your dash lights are going in and out, you cant turn off your dome light, and you can jiggle your key and make lights go in and out, tells me you are having a problem with the ignition switch that is directly behind where you put your key in. This could also be causing problems with your security system as a short in the ignition can trip security problems and cause the security light to blink. Unfortunately, it's going to need to see a qualified shop. To change the ignition switch takes specialized equipment because some of your steering column has to come apart, and with the air bag system it needs to be done by a qualified technician. It is also possible your security system alone is causing these problems, some of the same symptoms would exist, but again in takes specialized equipment to diagnose a faulty security system. If you would like to purchase a volt meter and know how to use it, we could probably diagnose the truck together, but it sounds like in the end the parts it's going to need will need to be installed by a professional and they will start from the beginning with the diagnosis anyway. Thanks, XXXXX XXXXX was helpful, if any more questions please ask.